Too Expensive to Get a New Car? Upgrade with a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Instead!

Learn what it takes to upgrade with a vinyl vehicle wrap

Sky High New and Used Car Prices in 2022 Record high car prices aren’t just 2021’s nightmare. Those high costs are creeping into 2022 as well. The cost of new cars is coming down, but buyers are paying 12.2% more than last year. Used vehicle prices are up over 40%. Used car prices are so…

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Featured Project: Creative Asset Vehicle Wrap

Creative Asset Vehicle Wrap drivers side view

Creative Asset partners with companies on graphic design and video. So it’s no surprise that their vehicle wrap needed to be designed to perfection. When James, the owner, initially approached us, we talked through what it would take and how the whole process would work. Concepting the Vinyl Wrap James took a template of their…

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10 Ways to Finesse Your Farmers’ Market Tent

farmers' market signage

It’s spring and time for most farmers’ markets to get back into full swing. Oregon has about 120 farmers’ markets around the state. (Portland’s first outdoor market was started back around 1873!!) They’re all filled with local farmers and artisans sharing displaying their wares, and usually have live music and a broad choice of food.…

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Covid Changed Marketing: Here are 3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business

Cascade Wraps Wild Mikes Pizza cab has a bright green stripe down the hood

Covid has changed the way the world works. From our vocabulary to our wardrobes, school closures to supply chain headaches, our expectations and way of life are vastly different from it was 2 years ago. And if you’re a business owner, you know firsthand all the ways Covid has changed the way businesses market their…

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How to Know It’s Time to Change Your Car Wrap

How to Know It's Time to Change Your Car Wrap

We live in a pretty easy world compared to the way life was 100 years ago. These days, purchases usually come with instructions. Food has expiration dates. We’re reminded to change the batteries in our smoke alarms. And if we can’t figure something out, there’s an expert available who can help us. But some things…

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Not Your Mom’s Minivan: Upgrade Your Work Van with Graphics

Small Business Van Wrap

Minivans were cool in the 80s. And maybe into the 90s. But are they worth buying anymore? According to this past summer’s Autotrader report, minivans are making a comeback — an 84% sales growth in the second quarter. Cox Automotive went so far as to report that in July they were selling for 8% above…

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3 Keys to a Strong Brand

Your transportation's appearsance says about your business

You’ve got a great brand, you’re doing well, but you know it’s time to invest a little more to grow into the step phase of business to give you a really strong brand. But what do you do? How do you do it? What will give you the greatest ROI? It’s time to pull it…

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4 Ingredients of a Successful Vehicle Wrap

Instagram is famous for food pictures. And if you’re like most of us scrollers, you (Why are they always in slow-motion with tantalizing melty-cheesy-goodness?) The key ingredients in a best-selling food ad are the same as the ingredients in a successful vehicle wrap design — minus the melty cheese. Unless, of course, that’s your business and…

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3 Keys to a Powerful Vinyl Trailer Wrap

Vinyl Trailer Wraps

What’s true in life is also true in business: we all want to be seen, heard, and recognized. In both, it means a thriving flow of people and energy that makes life better. And if you want to be seen in business, one of the most effective and least expensive ways to be seen is…

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Car Wrap Textures and Why They Matter

A basic, high-quality vinyl vehicle wrap will cost around $2,500.

The car market is pretty tough right now, with rising prices, high demand, and a pesky little chip shortage. Even the used car market has gone a little crazy in recent months. So despite your stimulus check and all the money you might have saved during the pandemic, the car you want might not be…

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