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The A-Zs of Event Signage

Event signage can help you create a memorable experience for your guests. You can make them laugh, encourage creativity, express gratitude, or feel confident about navigating your event. Not only are you reinforcing your brand, event signage allows you to give viewers and experience. Your signage is often their first experience with your company or organization. Using various types of signage at your event can ensure that their experience is great from start to finish.


Types of Event Signage

Whether you sport a booth at McMenamin’s UFO Fest or celebrate with a table for National Zipper Day at a textile fair, you need signage that stands out. From open houses to new construction, signs vary depending on the needs. Sign type depends on what where you are and what type of message you’re trying to convey. Here are a few sign types that work great for events:

  • A-Frame Signs are fantastic to welcome people or announce something. They also work well to direct people where they need to go, whether for parking, the exhibit hall, the first aid station or the main stage.
  • Banners come with grommets and are great to welcome people in a bolder way than an A-frame sign, announce a main attraction, or line a fence or stage to promote your business or thank sponsors.
  • Tent Printing helps promote your business, thank sponsors, or provide shelter from the sun or rain.
  • Rollup Banners are eye-catching and easy to tote. You can make them single or double-sided and used for way-finding, promotion or information.
  • Flying Stands (flags) wave in the wind and come in a wide variety of sizes. They help attract attention and can line walkways or be used as markers.
  • Table Covers help brand your business, polish up a table presentation, and provide a backdrop for printed promotional material.

Consider your available space, what you’re trying to accomplish, and how bold you want to be with your signage. Most business owners or event organizers find they need a variety of signage to effectively cover an event.


Designing Effective Event Signage

You can do almost anything with a sign, but that can be a detriment as much as it can be a benefit. Designing effective event signage to ensure maximum impact takes experience. You want people to instantly understand your sign’s message. Keep your design simple, provide enough contrast to ensure people can easily read your sign, and focus on one thing for each sign. Or better yet, let us help you design it!


Installation and Maintenance of Your Signage

The best signs are the ones you can set up quickly, easily, and securely.

  • A-frame signs just need to be opened and set where most beneficial.
  • Because banners come with grommets, they can be hung almost anywhere. Larger ones can be secured top and bottom so they don’t blow or flap in the wind.
  • You can easily set up a tent, but don’t forget to weigh down the legs. You don’t want a big gust of wind to take it all down with a few attendees along with it.
  • Rollup banners are the easiest — just pull up and click into place.
  • You just need to thread the pole on your flag banner, open the stand, and hammer in the stakes.
  • And for table covers, just unfold and lay them over your table and you’re set for business.

To get the most out of your event signage, take care of them well. Wipe them down well and you can use them year after year.

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