How to Know It's Time to Change Your Car Wrap

How to Know It’s Time to Change Your Car Wrap

We live in a pretty easy world compared to the way life was 100 years ago. These days, purchases usually come with instructions. Food has expiration dates. We’re reminded to change the batteries in our smoke alarms. And if we can’t figure something out, there’s an expert available who can help us. But some things don’t come with a 14-page owner’s manual. (And even if they did, would we really read them? Nope, probably not.) So how about your car wrap? Does it expire? When do you know it’s time to change your car wrap? Below are a few key questions to ask:

Has your car wrap faded?

Vehicle wraps take a bit of care to keep them in pristine condition. Hand washing frequently will help keep your wrap from fading. Removing any stains, sap, bugs, and other debris as soon as possible extends the life of your wrap as well. Our car wraps generally last at least 5 years with no sign of fading, but a well-cared for wrap can last several years longer.

If you notice your wrap is losing its vibrancy, it’s time to think about a new wrap. A bright, new, dynamic wrap can boost your business, as well!

Is the vinyl peeling?

Caring for your car wrap regularly and keeping it out of blazing sun will help reduce the chances of peeling. But over time, it’s possible your wrap will show signs of wear and tear by a bit of peeling. Why? A poor cleaning job right before install or overstretching the vinyl during the installation process can cause this type of lifting. Using a professional wrap install team will help you avoid peeling. They’ll take all the precautions necessary to ensure the longevity of your wrap.

If your vinyl is peeling, call your wrap team. They may be able to tighten things up before too much moisture and dirt gets under the vinyl. But if you’ve had your wrap for quite some time, it’s probably time to change your car wrap. 

Is your messaging out of date?

Marketing needs change over time. Business evolves and offerings get tweaked. If your brand has changed a bit or you’ve found that a different type of messaging is more effective, it’s time to translate that success into a new vehicle wrap. You’ll be telling the right story to the right people as you zoom across town.

Are you tired of it?

Let’s be real. Sometimes we just get tired of something. Whether it’s the brand of clothes we usually wear or the type of beverage we drink, our tastes can change. Or sometimes we just want to add an extra zip to something. The same is true for your car wrap. If it doesn’t give you tingles when you see it, it might be time to change your car wrap. And that’s the beauty of a car wrap: it’s a fairly low-end investment that’s completely customizable with any graphics that you choose. And the return on your investment is sky high!

Micah Dear