Learn what it takes to upgrade with a vinyl vehicle wrap

Too Expensive to Get a New Car? Upgrade with a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Instead!

Sky High New and Used Car Prices in 2022

Record high car prices aren’t just 2021’s nightmare. Those high costs are creeping into 2022 as well. The cost of new cars is coming down, but buyers are paying 12.2% more than last year. Used vehicle prices are up over 40%. Used car prices are so high all over the world, not just in the U.S. So high that they’re setting records. According to Emunds.com, the average used car price in November was $29,011, 29% higher than the previous November.

What Driving Up the Price of Driving?

You’ve heard it all: computer chip shortages, supply chain difficulties, shipping problems, Covid, war… New car production has slowed, but the demand has done anything but take a pause. Car dealerships can’t even stock new cars — they’re being bought before they even hit the lots. Even before they leave the factory. And 82% of buyers are paying over sticker price for them, too. 

What’s the Solution

The pricing and the problems are almost enough to make you pull out your old roller skates. You could wait and see what 2024 brings, but most experts believe the car buying experience is forever changed. 

But before you give up on a new ride, upgrade with a vinyl vehicle wrap instead. You’ll get a fresh new look and protect the resale value of your car, too. How much does a vehicle wrap cost you ask? It’s far more affordable than a set of different wheels, new or used. It’s a flexible, affordable way to spiff up your ride.

Contrary to what you might think, your car wrap doesn’t have to advertise a business. You can wrap it for the sheer joy of driving a customized car. (Check out 5 benefits of wrapping an exotic car here.) Matte or glossy finish, textured vinyl or reflective — the possibilities are endless. 

Costs can vary, but the average cost to wrap a average-sized vehicle is about $2500. We guarantee our wraps for 3 years, but most last at least 5. So if you’re itching for a fresh look, a vinyl vehicle wrap might be just the ticket. Plus, that wrap will protect your car’s finish, so if you decide to sell it in a few years when prices come back to earth, you’ll still have a beautiful paint job. 

How Long Will It Take to Upgrade to a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Turn time is quick. Once we get your wrap designed and schedule your job for shop time, we can get it turned in just a day or two. When you pick up your ride, it can be a whole new experience to drive it home. In fact, we’re guessing you’ll take the l-o-n-g way home just to show it off a bit. Call us if you’re ready to upgrade with a vinyl vehicle wrap.

Micah Dear