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4 Ingredients of a Successful Vehicle Wrap

Instagram is famous for food pictures. And if you’re like most of us scrollers, you (Why are they always in slow-motion with tantalizing melty-cheesy-goodness?) The key ingredients in a best-selling food ad are the same as the ingredients in a successful vehicle wrap design — minus the melty cheese. Unless, of course, that’s your business and you have a food truck. (Current address, please. We’re on our way.)

So what are the key ingredients in a successful vehicle wrap? Let’s cover them below:

1. Evoke emotion.

Emotion triggers our memory, so what better way to help them remember your brand and what you offer by evoking emotion with your vehicle wrap. How, you ask, do you entice emotion? Make them smile with a pithy headline about what you do. Help them identify with your product or service by sharing an image that resonates. Help the feel the pain of not having your services on hand.

2. Thrill the eye with color.

There are a few colors that are almost guaranteed to grab attention. There’s a whole psychology to color, and it can be the sole reason someone initially buys what you sell. In fact, researchers found that 93% of buyers focus on visual appearance. And close to 85% claim color is the primary reason when they make a purchase.

Here’s a quick rundown on what each color evokes:

  • Red: powerful
  • Blue: trustworthy
  • Yellow: Confidence (also danger!)
  • Green: inviting, healthy (and money, too!)
  • Purple: elegance
  • Gold: prestigious, powerful
  • Orange: energetic and creative
  • Brown: Comfortable, relaxed
  • Black: modern, elegant, OR traditional and comfortable


3. Share a memorable slogan.

If you’re going to engage with potential customers, a successful vehicle wrap says something they’ll remember. Use concrete concepts that have meaning that’s easy to understand. Make it short, catchy, and easy to remember. If you can make it rhyme or use alliterations, all the better. Here are a few great examples:

  • Subway: Eat fresh. (In two words, they convey a confident, straight to the point promise.)
  • Dollar Shave Club: Shave time. Shave money. (It’s a delightfully funny pun and fits their brand personality perfectly.)
  • De Beers: A diamond is forever. (This slogan boosted De Beers sales by 55% in just 3 years.)
  • Apple: Think different.
  • BMW: The ultimate driving machine. (This took BMW from being the 11th European car brand in the US to the #1 luxury car brand.)


4. Reinforce your brand with consistent design.

People remember patterns. If you’re consistent with your vehicle branding, you’ll boost your memorability. Your business vehicles don’t have to be all matchy-matchy, but if you keep the same style and make sure they coordinate, you’ll make a tremendous impact in all the areas in which you drive.


When you apply all 4 key ingredients, you’ll have a strong, memorable brand and a successful vehicle wrap as you zoom around the city, region, or country in your vinyl wrapped vehicles. And if you don’t know how to apply one (or all) of these points, know you have a team of experienced vehicle wrap designers at the ready to help you make the biggest splash you can, whether you’re on the highway, or captured in an Instagram post. (Yes, even if you’re right beside that melty-goodness post.)

Micah Dear