Earth-friendly vinyl can boost your sustainability message

Wrap Your Vehicle with Earth-Friendly Vinyl

More and more individuals and businesses look for earth-friendly solutions.

From lowering our carbon footprints to recycling our waste, we’re all trying to do our best for our communities and our planet. As one of the greenest cities in America, you’ll find bike commuters and public transit users. Many in the Portland companies are spearheading earth-friendly programs and fostering a sustainable mindset across all aspects of their business as well. And Portland offers it all — we’ve built 32% of our buildings to be LEED-certified, and we’ve planted a tree canopy that covers 35% of our city. Now we can add earth-friendly vinyl to the equation as well.

A Solution for Sustainable Marketing

So who said our marketing can’t be sustainable as well? As a local business in this area, it’s wise to support green initiatives, including your vinyl car wrap. 3M, one of the most dependable vinyl brands in the world, introduced earth-friendly vinyl in 2012. 

Earth-friendly vinyl contains no PVC

Earth-Friendly Vinyl

These Envision Wrap Films contain no PVC, are Phthalate-free, and are made in part with bio-based materials. They are manufactured using 58% less solvent, and are made without chlorine or other halogens added. Additionally, they work with regular solvent and eco-solvent printers. This means you not only get the high-quality graphics and overlaminate you want, but you get to have it sustainable as well. In addition, the Envision Wrap Films are made partially from bio-based materials. And by using this earth-friendly vinyl, you have the opportunity to earn LEED credits. 

Earth-Friendly Overlaminate

The overlaminate — the part of the wrap that helps with durability, protects the vinyl from the sun’s UV rays, scratches, and fading — is earth-friendly vinyl as well. This overlaminate adds thickness to the vinyl as well, so helps protect your investment for a longer period of time. This laminate comes in both matte and gloss finish.

earth-friendly vinyl is a solution for sustainable marketing

Why Most Vinyls are Toxic

Manufacturers create vinyl using PVC (olyvinyl chloride), one of the most toxic plastics for our health and our environment. No other plastic contains such toxic ingredients. “Vinyl” is actually an abbreviation of olyvinylchloride. PVC is what makes the vinyl flexible, which is necessary especially in vehicle vinyl applications. It’s cheap and easy to use for a myriad of things, but its toxicity lasts even past its disposal. It is not recyclable, so we find PVC in our land, our water supply. In fact, PVC and all the toxic compounds it emits is such a global problem that an international treaty now prioritizes the elimination of processes that produce it.

3M has found a way to manufacture an earth-friendly vinyl while still maintaining flexibility and durability. All your other marketing efforts can use earth-friendly vinyl as well. This vinyl is not only suitable for vehicles, they work great as window graphicsfloor and wall graphicsoutdoor and retail signage, and for almost any other application you can think of.

Micah Dear