Interior Signage invites customers into the space

Your Business from Floor to Ceiling: All the Missed Opportunity and How to Correct It

Every brick and mortar business needs a sign to point people to it. But we often forget that the inside of your business could benefit from signage as well. Interior signage can delight and inspire customers. It can strategically use the unused spaces in your business as marketing opportunities. Here’s what we mean:

Wall Graphics

The very walls of your business can help you sell your goods or services. They can also reinforce your brand and what you stand for. Often, businesses use interior signage in their reception area or their showroom. Whether it’s a logo big and bold on a back wall, a quotation that reflects your values, or an artistic graphic that moves people through the store, this interior signage makes your customer experience just a little more meaningful. You might even consider a wall mural. This sets an ambiance that’s hard to ignore. Whether it’s a forest scene for an outdoor store or a tranquil lake for a full spa experience, murals typically delight customers and clients alike. Wall graphics work well in employee-only areas as well. Imagine a giant calendar in your planning room. 

Floor Graphics

Floors are typically a underutilized space when it comes to marketing opportunity. Think of your floors as potential interior signage and advertising space. Not only can floor graphics direct traffic through busy areas, they can reinforce your brand. Promote an event on your entrance and exit floor space. Lead customers to a new product or service in a fun, delightful manner. Help decorate a special event with floor graphics. Made from slip-resistant laminate, interior signage for floors keeps your space safe. Floor graphic vinyl is also scratch and scuff resistant, so it holds up well, even with heavy traffic. As such, floor graphics are suitable for warehouses and industrial areas as well. They can direct traffic flow, reinforce safety, and keep things organized.

Ceiling Graphics

Ceiling graphics aren’t for every business, but for some they are extremely effective. Spas, chiropractic and dental offices, and medical faculties can all benefit from ceiling graphics. This type of interior signage provides a more welcoming atmosphere and calm patients in the process. 

Hanging Signage

Outdoor banners and signs encourage people to enter a business. Interior signage can encourage customers to explore your space. Customers appreciate clarity and direction while shopping. This type of signage can also help direct customers to the right area quickly and efficiently. Clever phrasing or imagery on hanging signage can encourage browsing in an area that might not have previously caught the customer’s eye. 

Window Graphics

Window graphics can welcome the customer in from the street. Like wall graphics, they can reinforce your brand as well. Additionally, wall graphics can reveal what’s inside or create a privacy barrier when needed. Window graphics can inform, pique interest, and set the stage for people coming through the front door. 

Our vinyl signs — whether wall, floor, or ceiling graphics, hanging signs, or window graphics — are made from the highest quality vinyl. We pring all signs at the highest resolution possible. By applying wall murals with a special adhesive, you’re able to remove them without damage to the wall. Let’s talk about what’s possible for your particular business and find what would work best for your space. 

Micah Dear