Effective sidewalk A-board signs show where

How Your A-Board Sign Is Like Your First Customer Service Rep

Your best opportunity for a first impression may be the A-board sign on the corner. 

Imagine having an employee positioned on the street corner, greeting people and inviting them to your business with a friendly smile. Additionally, this employee could let people know about specials going on in the store. As a matter of fact, they could remind passersby that you have products or services that could make their lives better. An A-board sign can do all this and more. Undoubtedly, the benefits of an A-board sign are numerous. We cover just a few below:

1. Attract new customers

According to the New York State Small Business Development Center, businesses that intentionally use signage outside their business noticeably increase their sales and profitability. Research by the University of San Diego on behalf of the California Electric Sign Association and the International Sign Association states that “on average, the addition of even one on-premise sign resulted in an increase in annual sales of 4.75%” In a word, increased visibility increases sales.

2. Save you money

If you could hire an experienced employee who would greet every single passerby, announce sales, point right to your front door, and do it for $10 a day for 10 weeks, you’d jump at the opportunity. An A-board sign will do all this and more for approximately the same financial investment. Not to mention an A-board sign would do it for much longer than 10 weeks. This minimal cost and effectiveness isn’t limited to retail brands. Similarly, service companies benefit greatly from A-board signs as well. Additional studies from the same report show that “on average, one additional on-premise sign can increase your annual number of transactions by 3.94%.” It doesn’t take a lot of number crunching to see that investing in an A-board sign is more than worth the minimal cost.

Effective sidewalk A-Board signs show who

3. Extend your brand outside your store

Studies also show that signage is as simple as ABCs for your company:

  • Attract new customers
  • Brand your company’s image into the mind of consumers
  • Create an incentive for impulse buys

By investing in an A-board sign, you’re increasing your brand’s reach from the inside of the store to the outside and inviting potential customers to interact with your brand. All of these provide opportunity to increase sales.

4. Readily provide information

Your A-board sign doesn’t just extend your brand. In like manner, your sign can provide valuable information about your business. You can include hours, location, products, services, and specials. Additionally, if you have a service that isn’t as visible as others but is highly profitable, consider highlighting it on an A-board sign. Perhaps your retail store specializes in a particular item. Invite your foot-traffic in for a look or taste. Whatever promotion you choose, make it eye-catching, make it simple, and start to see your numbers climb!

Most importantly, your A-board sign can lead people into your store with a smile and an opportunity to build a relationship. A well-designed sign will not only increase approachability, it will increase your traffic and your profitability as well. Talk to us about A-board design, sizes, materials, and turn-around times. 

Micah Dear