Wall Graphics in an office can enhance the mood

Wall Graphics and Why They Matter

Businesses often invest well in outdoor signage. Outdoor signs are a must for any brick and mortar business. These signs point people to your location, attract new customers, and impact perception. (Read more about the benefits of outdoor signage here.) But customers need to remain engaged when they’re inside your place of business. Wall graphics allow you to appeal to your customers in an appealing, creative manner. And when people are engaged, they’re more likely to remember what you offer and share those things with their family and friends.

Below are a few ways wall graphics can make a difference, both in your business and in your home.

Engage the Emotions

If you’re a health care service, imagine your customers walking into your business to see wall graphics with happy, healthy people. Most people smile back at these without even realizing they’re doing so. They’ve engaged and been lifted emotionally. If you run a spa, imagine setting a tranquil tone and mood the moment your customers walk through the door. The weight lifts just two steps toward your receptionist. If you don’t have customers in your location, you can still engage your employees’ emotions. Consider inspiration quotations or affirmations.


Close the Sale

Customers often need to be reminded that they’re making a wise investment. Tell customers that they’re smart for shopping with you, let them know where to pay, or explain an unexpected perk when they become a customer — these are all ways you can use graphics to help close the sale.


Wall graphics in an office can increase employee productivity

Enhance Creativity and Productivity

Bright colors in your wall graphics can boost the energy of a room. Quill.com explains that yellow can enhance optimism (but also cause anxiety if used too much). Orange and green can boost creative performance. And red can stimulate the appetite.


Give Direction

Simple wall art can increase your customers’ confidence. By defining a particular space in your business, you inform people where to find the restrooms or the location of women’s clothing, or where to find a particular type of sports equipment. These well-placed graphics can provide a sense of belonging or pride, especially if you greet people with a big, bold logo in your lobby.


Provide Privacy

Opaque or translucent wall graphics can add a sense of privacy to a glass wall. In open work spaces, you can add distinction by using wall graphics on glass office walls and doors. Even just a row of translucent graphics to these spaces can create a sense of separation without taking away from the open design of the whole space.

Wall Graphics in a child's room make them feel special

Customize Your Home with Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can be added to your home. Slipping into your bed each evening surrounded by a beautiful forest mural. Or create engagement by adding a wall graphic to your home gym or home office. Wall graphics in a child’s room can delight them and make them feel special.

Our high resolution, full color wall graphics are durable. Even better, all of our wall murals are printed on special adhesive wall decal materials that can be removed without damaging the wall underneath. If you’re looking for more engagement at work, or more distinction in your home, let us help you design the perfect solution to make your space truly your own.

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