When you invest in outdoor signage, create a sign that matches your brand.

3 Tips for Investing in Outdoor Signage

Between the summer sun and winter storms, your outdoor signage takes a beating. While most signs hold up well, they don’t have an infinite lifespan. Studies show that 68% people make a judgement about your business based on the quality of your signage. As a result, you want to ensure that when you invest in outdoor signage, it maintains a like-new appearance. In fact, best practice recommends that you regularly take stock in your signage to make sure it’s in good working order and is doing the job you need it to do.

Signage is just as important as a website because it tells people who you are and where you’re located. If they can’t find you, they can’t do business with you. Numerous studies show that signage can generate an additional 75% to your customer base and referrals. Who couldn’t use that kind of growth?!

Here are some tips to help boost durability when you invest in outdoor signage:


1. Create a sign that matches your brand.

You sign is a visual representation of your brand. It communicates your values and your personality. In other words, your outdoor signage makes a first impression. As such, you want that first impression to be accurate and compelling, and you want that impression to be consistent. When you invest in outdoor signage, create a sign that matches your brand so it will last for the long haul.

According to a FedEx survey, almost 8 in 10 (76%) American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signs, and nearly 7 in 10 (68%) have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. People determine quality, vibe, and value by what your sign looks like and what it says, and make buying decisions based on their determination. Because so much rests on the image you’re projecting, make sure you translate your unique value and culture into your design and your sign material.

When you invest in outdoor signage, think long term.

2. Think long-term.

Obviously, a well-built sign lasts far longer than a cheaply-built, get-by-for-now sign. Your sign works 24/7 for you to welcome people into an experience with your brand. As such, your outdoor signage is like a silent yet effective employee. Just as you would hire for this position carefully and pay the well for their ability to convert browsers into buyers, you should also choose your sign carefully and pay the price for quality design and workmanship. The more people see you investing in your business, the more they’ll sit up, take notice, and choose to interact with your brand. When you invest in outdoor signage, it pays to invest in quality design and materials. A well-made outdoor sign will last for many, many years.


3. Make it big.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Go big or go home.” The same is true when you invest in outdoor signage. The bigger it is, the more visible it becomes. Always invest in quality but make that quality outdoor sign as large as you can. The SBA says, “Many merchants increase their business measurably just by adding a good sign. Conversely, many have gone out of business because they simply were not identified well, so not enough potential customers knew of their existence.” Their studies show us that signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business. The larger you make your sign, the greater audience you will reach.

All this leads us to believe that you can’t afford NOT to invest in outdoor signage that is the highest quality and largest size possible for your business. Get noticed, increase traffic and inquiries, and stand out from the competition. We can help!

Micah Dear