Cascade Wraps applies reflective vinyl for Source Automotive

Make Your Business Shine with Reflective Vinyl Lettering

It’s a Working Wednesday here at Cascade Wraps, a day we look in depth at a recent project we’ve worked on. We creative this embossed, reflective vinyl lettering vehicle wrap job for Source Automotive, a repair and parts shop in Clackamas, Oregon.

Matching the Vehicle Wrap to the Brand

Their specialty is where they shine, though — vehicle performance enhancement. From daily driver to drag racer, they can optimize your vehicle’s performance and leave you smiling at the personalization.

Cascade Wrap completes a reflective vinyl wrap for Source Automotive

Because of their passion, reputation, and own customer service performance, we knew we needed to kick it up a notch in their vehicle wrap. And that’s just what we did. This truck was green when we started. Green doesn’t match their brand, nor did it stand out in any particular manner.

We applied 2 vinyl effects to make the lettering stand out.

  1. We embossed the lettering by layering it on the vehicle before we wrap it.
  2. Then we wrapped the entire vehicle in matte black vinyl and applied reflective red lettering over the lettering we applied under the black matte vinyl.  This second layer was slightly smaller than the first, which gave it a 3D effect.

Source Automotive Embossed Vinyl

The Effectiveness of Reflective Vinyl Lettering

The reflective vinyl really stands out at night when headlights hit it. There’s not much a chance someone will miss this beautiful truck, during the day OR at night. It gets your attention, just the like the performance enhancements this vehicle shop provides every single day.

We enjoyed the challenge of matching the vehicle wrap to the brand. The results of this reflective vinyl lettering are stunning and eye-stopping, day and night. And they’re boosting their profits everywhere they drive.

Micah Dear