Your transportation's appearsance says about your business

3 Things Your Transportation Says About Your Business

Have you ever seen a dirty NASCAR at the beginning of a race? Or been tempted to buy a car off the lot that was caked in road grime? Of course not. No one wants to cheer on a driver who can’t keep his car clean, just as no one wants to invest in a purchase that’s not in top shape inside and out. With that in mind, consider what your transportation says about your business. Does it reflect the values of your brand?


Before we talk about transportation specifically, though, let’s define what we mean by “brand.” Seth Godin defines it this way: “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” Your logo is part of your brand, but your customer service, pricing, product quality, and environmental responsibility are all parts of your brand as well. Together, these become your specific “brand.”


Your Transportation Informs People About Your Brand

Your choice in transportation counts towards your brand as well. Consider the story your vehicle tells your audience about your brand values:

  • Is it foreign or domestic?
  • What’s the make and model?
  • Does it have a small environmental footprint?
  • Is it clean?
  • Do you respect other drivers on the road?


Your Transportation Provides a First Impression

Each decision you make in your business — from the way communicate to the way you spend your money — gives your potential customers insight into what they’ll receive when they do business with you. Their first impression of your brand will be the most powerful deciding factor and determine whether they’ll hand over their trust or give it to someone else. And most of that time that involves the vehicle you drive around town.

Your transportation gives a powerful first impression


Your Transportation Demonstrates Your Values

You don’t have to drive the latest model luxury car or utility van to garner fresh looks and new customers. But you can make a strong first impression with a clean, well-maintained vehicle that clearly represents your brand. Raise your customer awareness and conversion rate by installing simple vinyl lettering, custom vinyl decals, or a full vinyl vehicle wrap. Make it attention-grabbing. Make it memorable. But also make it likable.


People notice all aspects of your brand. They take stock in the way you invest in yourself and your company. They listen when you communicate your enthusiasm and your confidence in your ability to deliver a quality experience. So the next time you hop in your car or truck to drive across PDX, remember that people are watching and making decisions about your brand based on what your transportation says about your business values.

Your transportation says much about your business.

Let’s make sure you brand your transportation well, whether it be with vinyl lettering, custom decals, or a full vehicle wrap.

Micah Dear