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How to Unify Your Fleet Graphics for Greater Profit

If you’re a small or medium size business, you’re probably thinking that competing with large brands is impossible. But what if there were a way to level the playing field in advertising? What if you could build your brand recognition for only $44 per million views? Yes, it’s possible. And with something as simple as a vinyl vehicle wrap. Keep reading. We’ll show you how to unify your fleet graphics for greater profit.


Fleet Graphics Are the Most Effective Form of Advertising

Vehicle graphics are one of the most effective forms of advertising in today’s market. Each vehicle can get anywhere from 30,00o to 80,000 views per day. Combine a few vehicles in your company’s “fleet” and you’re reaching millions of eyes every single week. And with the advertising market as competitive as it is, that’s a pretty significant statistic. When you unify your fleet graphics, people will begin to think you’re everywhere at once.


Fleet Graphics Are the Least Expensive Form of Outdoor Advertising

Vehicle wraps have been proven to be the most effective type of outdoor advertising, surpassing signage and billboards by miles. They have the lowest cost-per-impression in any form of marketing. Add to that that they’re memorable, and you would be foolish not to invest in vehicle graphics. Your vehicle can be the entertainment at a stoplight, because people can’t not look. They can turn off the radio, shut down the podcast, or log out of social media, but they can’t stop looking at vinyl graphics while on the road. 


Unify Your Fleet Graphics and Multiple Their Effectiveness

Maybe you have the get-around-town vehicle for visiting potential customers and providing bids. Perhaps installers use company trucks. Maybe you have another small vehicle for zooming here and there with deliveries. Whatever combination of vehicles you have in your business, you can wrap them all. 

They don’t have to be perfect replicas of one another. In fact, that’s difficult across a variety of vehicle types. But they can all very clearly belong to your business, and coordinate in brand reinforcement. Before you know it, you’re the place to go in the area for gutter installment, plumbing repair, or the most satisfying burger in PDX. (Learn how this pizza company is taking their quirky message to the nation with their wrapped fleet.)

Fleet vehicles aren’t just for large trucking companies. Just 3 wrapped vehicles can increase your business’s visibility by 240,000 impressions a day. Yes, in a single day. There are a lot of reasons to love fleet designs. When they’re all telling the same story and showcasing the same branding, you’ll quickly become the talk of the town. Back it up with your personalized service and you’ll probably have more business than you know what to do with. We can help you get there with our expert graphic designers and install crew.

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Micah Dear