Box Truck Graphics by Cascade Wraps

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Box Truck Graphics

On any average day in Portland, you’ll see a box truck on your drive. They’re big, boxy things that are often white, and almost always blocking your view. And they’re popular, for good reason. There’s hardly a better way to get goods from point A to point B safely and efficiently. Whether you’re hauling paint supplies, dropping off appliances, or moving someone across town, a box truck can get the job done. But why settle with white when you can spice things up with box truck graphics?


Why use a box truck? 

For starters, it’s a safe storage container. Your equipment and belongings are secure and out of the weather. A box truck is far less likely to be vandalized than an open pickup truck filled with tempting supplies.


Box truck graphics make a safe storage container beautiful


A box truck is easy to get around in. Compare a box truck to a semi for getting around Portland and there’s no question a box truck will make everything more manageable. Getting through traffic. Parking. Even the gas mileage is better in a box truck!

A box truck means free advertising space no matter where you go. Cover that big white space with vinyl to promote your brand and you’ve captured every eye on the block. Compared to door decals on a pickup truck, the sheer size of a wrapped box truck will blow away the competition.


How do you design box truck graphics that convert? 

Be bold. 

Cover your truck with large graphics full of color. Don’t hint at what you do, tell them with confidence. Use large images and words big enough that they can read without squinting. Even across 4 lanes of traffic. This bold color will boost visibility and in turn, boost your profits. And wrap the whole truck. Between the sheer size of your box truck and the bright color you wrap it in, there’s no way anyone will miss it.


Box truck graphics should be bold


Tell a story. 

What’s your customer’s biggest pain point? Tell them how you’ll solve it. Do they something that’s holding them back? Share how you’ll help them win. Do they want to be part of something bigger than themselves? Let your organization’s box truck share how people can help. Let your box truck graphic tell a story of success.


Meet your customer’s need.

What will your product or service help your customer accomplish? Feed their hunger? Deliver with ease? Have a clean, happy dog? Remind your audience of the need they have, and how you can make their life easier. And for those who don’t have the need right now, a well-designed box truck graphic will be memorable, so when that need arises, they’ll know who to call.


Whatever type of box truck you own and whatever type of business you run, there’s a wrap that’s perfect to boost your sales. We’ll walk you through the steps to a successful wrap design, and get you up and running quickly.

Micah Dear