brand the inside of your business for your employees

3 Reasons to Brand the INSIDE of Your Business

Most business owners know they need signage outside their location to let people know where to find them. They understand that this signage should be simple to understand, easy to read, and large enough that people see it. You know you should post your hours somewhere around your entry so your customers know when they can stop by or get in touch with you. But many business owners forget that you need to brand the inside of your business as well. This branding serves a purpose much greater than reminding your customers with whom they’re doing business.


Brand your space for your employees

When your employees are engaged with your brand and proud of your brand, their actions and attitudes reflect it. Remind your employees who you are as a brand, what you stand for, and how you help your customers. This instilling of company values can be a source of pride for your employees. Imbue your staff meetings with these values and show ways your people can show these values to your customers. Project these values onto all the surfaces in your space.

Keep your employees in the loop about what you’re communicating to your customers. If you’re making brand promises in your advertisements, make sure your people know what they are, understand how they can take part in these promises, and the resulting benefit that everyone receives. Build a team that’s focused on providing all the things you stand for. Display these promises on signage around your space to remind your employees that they can be proud of your brand.

Last, listen to your employees. If they feel the promise and the reward don’t match up, they won’t be engaged with your brand or with your customers. Talk about incentives and strategies with them. Do all you can to involve them in becoming a more excellent brand.


Brand the inside of your business for your customers

Think about the things your brand stands for, then consider the ways those things can be portrayed in your customer’s in-store experience. Are you using your brand colors? Do you need to post directional signs so your space is easy to navigate? Are you displaying the end result of your product or service in your space?

brand the inside of your business for your customers

  • Chiropractors may want to show large images of people living an active lifestyle.
  • Perhaps you’re a locally sourced market. You’ll want to use locally sourced or recycled materials to build signage and use environmentally friendly vinyl on that signage.
  • If your brand value is expertise and excellence, consider displaying degrees and awards throughout your space.

Branding your space is much more than placing your logo on things. It’s thinking more deeply about what you stand for and communicating that in a variety of meaningful ways.


Brand the inside of your business to provide a consistent experience from start to finish

If you’ve built your business on friendly, fast service, greet each customer enthusiastically when they enter your establishment. If you’re all about providing information, make sure your space clearly displays that information, from floor graphics to easy-to-read hanging signage. Maybe you built on providing exciting experiences. Showcase that through imagery on the walls and enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff.

Consider all the things your company stands for and think about all the ways you can provide those things in every inch of your place of business, from the way your staff interacts with people, to the way products or services are arranged, to the way you direct people through your business with signage, imagery, and layout.

If you don’t know where to start, we can introduce you to an interior designer who will collaborate with you to build a great employee and customer experience in your space from start to finish.


You’ll build a loyal customer base that is enthusiastic about doing business with you and recommends your business to their friends and family. This is exactly what we want for Portland-local businesses — to be thriving, well-respected, and surrounded by enthusiastic fans.


Micah Dear