Vehicle wrap ROI and what it costs each year

All the Dollars and Sense About Wrapping Your Vehicle: The ROI Is Speedy and Abundant

The Facts About Vehicle Wrap ROI

When it comes to ROI on a vehicle wrap, the money can be difficult to track. There are a lot of factors that go into the effectiveness of a vehicle wrap, so let’s cover a few basics.

  • The average vehicle wrap costs about $2,800 in the Portland area.
  • Our vehicle wraps are under warranty for 3 years but wraps often last more than 5 years.

 Conclusion: Considering the average cost and a 5-year lifespan, a vehicle wrap costs about $560 a year.

What do we get for that $560 a year cost? Way more than you bargained for, and it’s a lot of good stuff. Let’s cover a few facts.

  • 95% of Americans travel on roads every single week.
  • While people are driving, they’re generally far more aware of their surroundings, and are far more likely to really notice your mobile advertising.
  • 90% of those Americans will be reached by some form of vehicle advertisement.
  • Of all vehicle wraps seen, 95% will be memorable.
  • A single vehicle can generate between 30,000-70,000 impression per day.
  • On average, one vehicle wrap can reach millions of people each year.

 Conclusion: Your $560 a year investment will reach millions of people. Even with a minimal conversion rate, that’s some serious vehicle wrap ROI.

Vehicle wrap ROI and the cost of investment

Consider the Type of Business and Number of Potential Clients

Of course, the type of business you have and the type of client you want will determine much when it comes to vehicle wrap ROI. If you have a service that everyone needs (think heating and cooling, plumbing, or chimney repair), you’ll be advertising to potential clients every single time you get in your car. (And especially when you’re parked at a house call! Neighbors take notice.) Conversely, if you run a niche business with a very specific client type, your ROI might not jump as rapidly, but it will still increase consistently. Exposure to your business typically means a bump in sales, no matter what type of business you run. Whether you own a service business that everyone can use or a niche business for only a few, we recommend driving through areas where your potential clients live, work, and play.

By investing in a vehicle wrap, you’re putting your best foot forward and exposing your business to thousands of potential new customers every single day. We’ve had clients get customers the very day they leave our shop with their new wrap. We’ve also had clients more than double their revenue as a result of their vehicle wraps. If you’re interested in greater profits for the lowest advertising investment, call us. We’ll design an eye-catching vehicle wrap design that will grow your business quickly — without breaking the bank.

Micah Dear