Your sign's first impression should make an impact

Just Like in Dating, Your Sign’s First Impression Matters

First impressions matter. It’s true when dating, and it’s true in advertising.

Whether you have a custom sign, vehicle wrap, banner, or A-Board sign, this initial outreach is often the first step in courting a new customer. A well-designed sign can make all the difference in building a great relationship When you make a great first impression, your potential customer will most likely want to come back again and again. And when your sign’s first impression is good, your phone will ring and customers will come through your door.

Here are a few rules that apply to both dating and signage:

Your sign’s first impression should let them know you’re interested.

Playing hard-to-get rarely works well. There are too many other easier opportunities to take advantage of first. As a result, make your sign as visible as possible. Don’t be afraid of color. Be bold. Be bright. Be inviting. You must let your customers know you’re open for business, or they won’t stop in and check you out. Your sign’s first impression should make them want to find out more.

A signs first impression should let them know youre interested

Be honest.

Your branding should match the way you do business. Your sign is a representation of who you are and what you stand for as a company. Don’t try to be flashy if you’re not. Don’t be clever if you’re straightforward. Make sure all your information and promises are accurate and something you can follow up on — every time. This honesty will attract the right type of people for you and your business, and help you keep them, too!


Don’t expect exclusivity right away.

A well-designed sign or vehicle wrap will evoke curiosity and often instigate a phone call or visit to your website.  But your sign’s first impression, even when it makes an impact, doesn’t lead to undying fidelity. In other words, people don’t become lifetime customers after only one interaction with you. Most customers wade in slowly, check out your products and services, ask around to see what others think, and then begin with a low-risk investment. Your sign or wrap is the first steptowards loyal customers.


Plan your “first date” carefully.

A signs first impression shouldn't expect exclusivity right away.

Just as your first date isn’t typically a 5-star restaurant or a weekend getaway, your first customer interaction shouldn’t tell your whole story. Instead, a sign can announce a new product or service. Your vehicle wrap can focus on one or two features of your company. But don’t fill either with every single thing you can do or every item you sell. This will easily overwhelm any potential customer. If you want engagement, slow down and take it step-by-step. If you’re doing it right and taking your time, you’ll grow your customer list into a solid, loyal group of people with whom you enjoy doing business.


Be positive.

Your customers have a choice when it comes where they take their business. Keep your signs positive, focused on what you do well, and what your customer needs. When they choose to support you and what you do, make sure they know you appreciate their decision. When they’re on the phone, in your store, or in your inbox, be polite. Express appreciation. Go the extra mile. When you treat your customers well, odds are they’ll stick around.

Your sign’s first impression can be the best thing that ever happened to your customers!

The companies who choose to operate in this way generally succeed. In Portland, no matter how many people move here, we’re still a small town with big heart. As a result, when a local company is doing something right, the good news spreads and customers tend to line up at the door. So mount your sign, stick out your banner, wrap your vehicle, and design your A-Board sign and watch good things start to happen.

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Micah Dear