Cascade Wraps Wild Mikes Pizza cab has a bright green stripe down the hood

5 Reasons Wrapping Your Semi is Smart

Are you looking for an effective way to market your business? Look no further than wrapping your work vehicles. Here are six reasons why you should consider wrapping your semi.

Increase Brand Awareness Truck Wrap

Whether in traffic or on the highway, your truck and trailer wrap will garner looks and make impressions. With your logo front and center, people will come to recognize your brand. Coupled with great road manners, you’ll quickly gain brand awareness. People want to be part of a brand that looks great and provides great service.

Wrapping Your Semi Will Increase Sales

The more people who notice and appreciate your brand, whether through stunning graphics, a quality product, or courteous drivers, the more your customer base will grow. Get creative enough on your semi wrap, and people won’t stop telling others all about you and what you do. They will return again and again for your product or service and bring their friends with them.

Wrapping Your Semi Protects Your Investment

A high-quality vehicle wrap will protect your truck and trailer from daily wear and tear, road grime, and harmful UV rays. With proper care, your wrap will last for years, keeping your paint job in top condition and any surface damage to a minimum.

Semi Truck Wraps Are Cost-Effective

A semi-truck and trailer wrap is a 24/7 advertisement that can reach up to 40,000 people a day. And unlike a billboard or storefront sign, a vehicle wrap is multi-dimensional. Whether someone is behind you, beside you, or in front of you, your wrap is a can’t-miss brand builder. When you consider the incredible reach across every demographic, t’s the least expensive form of advertising available. (Learn more about marketing with vehicle wraps here.)

Flexible Design

Your semi wrap can be as creative or as dignified as you want. From flying pizzas to pinstripes, logos to lima beans, an experienced wrap designer can deliver the right wrap with the right details to reinforce your brand at every turn. 

You can do a full wrap on your semi-truck and a partial wrap on the trailer, or wrap them both seamlessly from front to back. (Here are tips on how to decide between full and partial wraps.)

And because wrap designs are so flexible, you can put one on every vehicle in your fleet. All your semi-trucks and trailers, box trucks, sedans, and golf cars can coordinate. You’ll be driving a unified front across town or across the nation. People will think you’re everywhere at once!


If you’re curious about what a semi-truck and trailer wrap can do for your business, schedule a call with us. We’ll walk you through the specifics as they pertain to your particular business, answer any questions, and give you all the information you need so you can decide on wrapping your semi.

Micah Dear