Traffic Jams are a great marketing opportunity for maximum brand visibility

Why Your Vehicle Wrap Will Make You LOVE Traffic Jams

No one likes getting stuck in a traffic jam. But when you have a vinyl-wrapped vehicle, a traffic jam becomes a great marketing opportunity.

Imagine how lots of traffic can afford long views for your vehicle wrap. Your wrap can also be a pleasant distraction from the inconvenience of a slow commute. It’s an opportunity for your business to shine. Plus, lots of traffic will help you overcome many of the difficulties local and regional businesses face — visibility. According to a 2016 study by data company Intrix, the average Portlander spends 47 hours every year in traffic. (We also rank 12thfor congestion in the list of 240 U.S. cities studied.) While this might seem like bad news to most Portlanders, it’s great news for your vinyl wrapped vehicle. Why? Because more traffic means maximum brand visibility.


Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicles Get Maximum Brand Visibility in Traffic

Many local and regional businesses struggle with visibility. And marketing can be expensive. Not knowing who to target and where to place ads only adds to the complication and expense. In a high-traffic area like Portland, where freeways tend to be congested every single day, a vehicle wrap gives you an added visibility boost to the widest demographic possible. In fact, the average vehicle wrap gets between 20,000-70,000 impressions a day. Even if we go by the low-end estimate, that’s 7,300,000 views a year. These numbers mean maximum brand visibility.

Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicles Delight with Maximum Brand Visibility

Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicles Reach Almost Everyone

According to a study on Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s website (OAAA), 96% of Americans travel in vehicles weekly. Suffice it to say, whenever you drive or even park your vinyl-wrapped vehicle, you’re getting maximum brand visibility for your business. And you aren’t limited to a particular demographic. Pedestrians, bikers, public transit, cars, and trucks all get to see your business. This includes everyone from blue collar workers to CEOs, men, women, baby boomers, millennials, and kids.


Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicles Delight

Most people don’t have a vinyl-wrapped vehicle. This makes these vehicles still somewhat of a novelty. And novelties stand out. A well-designed vehicle wrap stick in the memory. From small cars to buses to semi-trucks to fleet vehicles, we cover vehicles in a way that delights your audience. Vehicle wraps not only give you maximum brand visibility, they can also make your brand unforgettable.


Vinyl-Wrapped Vehicles Deliver Profit

When you consider the initial cost and the fact that most vinyl vehicle wraps last up to 7 years, you’ll quickly understand that a vinyl-wrapped vehicle one of the best business investments you can make. Not only are you getting more views per dollar than any other advertising option. You have a moving billboard that works 24/7 and never takes a vacation. In fact, some of our clients tell us that they start getting new customers the same day they drive out of our shop. Vehicle wrap can be that effective and start bringing an immediate return on investment.

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic singing the blues, remember that you could be making money while you’re sitting there. When that happens, give us a call. (Hands-free dialing, of course.) And we’ll design something great that gives you maximum brand visibility, so your business is not only visible, it delivers profit as well.





Micah Dear