Signage Builds Brand Awareness

Why You Should Care About Building Brand Awareness and How Signage Can Help

Signage Builds Brand Awareness

Your brand is much more than just your logo. It tells people who you are, what you do, and why they should care about it. Over time, your brand becomes what people look for when they want what you offer. But this intention looking for your business only comes after you’ve established your brand. Signage can help in this process. Good signage builds brand awareness in several ways — it makes your business easier to find, and can also serve as a reminder to people of what you do why it should matter to them.

Signage Makes a First Impression

Signage works as a signpost for great service

Signage has a great opportunity to make a first impression. People will make assumptions based on what they see. The following three items will tell the viewer a lot about your business. These first impressions can be difficult to change, so it’s important to tell the right story in the right manner to draw in potential customers.

    • The quality of your product or service. If your signage is crafted cheaply, they’ll assume your products are as well. But if you’ve invested in your signage, most people will assume you’re a quality business.
    • The personality of your brand. Most people aren’t savvy about fonts, but subconsciously they’ll know if you’re business is playful or serious based on your font. Your logo will also convey personality.
    • What your biggest offerings are all about. Most signs inform viewers of products or services. If it’s not included in the name of your business, a good sign will have a tagline or list of main offerings. Viewers will decide whether they need your product or service based on what they read. 

The Facts: More than 50% of consumers say that poor signage deters them from going into a business, and 60% indicated that a lack of signage does the same.

Signage Increases Brand Awareness

Not only can signage make a first impression, it can let the world know you’re in business. Launching a startup and moving a business to a new location both pose opportunities and difficulties. The most common obstacle is awareness — people need to know you exist before they can do business with you. Signage informs people of your presence, and draws them to check out what you’re all about. It lets them know where your business is located, and often tells when you’re open for business, and what you offer as a product or service.

The Facts: 8 out of 10 customers decide to enter a store for the first time based primarily on signage.

Signage Works as a Signpost for Great Service

Signage reminds the public that you're available

Once you’ve established yourself in the community, well-branded signage serves as a signpost for the service you offer. If your reputation is stellar, it points to good things. If you have a shoddy work ethic and don’t answer your phone, your signage points to a place people don’t want to interact with. Either way, your signage builds brand awareness, pointing people to a particular experience.

The Facts: About 75% of consumers stated they had told others about a business solely because of its signage.

Signage Reminds the Public You’re Available

Great signage let’s people that you’re still open and looking for their business. Adding a banner or an a-frame sign out on the sidewalk can get people’s attention and remind them of your services. Signage can also effectively announce a new product or service! 

The Facts: About 67% of the consumers say they’ve purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.

Overall, signage builds brand awareness effectively. It is an extremely effective method for driving in local traffic. It’s also an inexpensive advertising option when compared to radio, television, and print advertising. Your business can succeed or fail as a result of your signage (or lack of signage.) With the holidays just around the corner, let’s talk about some practical ways to boost your business and increase your revenue through some well-designed signage. Because we know this — strategic signage works!

The Facts: 65% of businesses that made a significant change to it signage reported an increase in revenue.

* All statistics taken from the FedEx Signage Survey

Micah Dear