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Vinyl Graphics that Inspire: Exploring Vinyl Art in the Community

Art enhances a community in more ways than just aesthetic.

Art is powerful in many ways, and vinyl can be used as its medium. This art can change culture, reflect values, document a city’s history. It can educate, entertain, beautify neighborhoods and promote well-being. Vinyl graphics that inspire can change whole communities for the better!


Art can bring people together and help them take pride in where they live.

In Providence Rhode Island in the 50s was much different than it is today. They covered their polluted rivers with roads, rail yards, and parking lots to hide the filth. 20 years ago, they began rebuilding this area with walk-friendly parks and seating areas. To further entice people to come to the river, they put on a public art event called Waterfire. This one-time event quickly became an annual celebration and now attracts people from all over the world to for it’s unique experience and beauty. It’s grown to include many facets of art and citizens now take pride in their city and participate at each event. Their signage and now their Waterfire Event center use vinyl graphics that inspire and help tell the story of the event.

Vinyl graphics that inspire pride in community

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Art can create a social movement. 

An elementary school in Iowa used art to create “buddy benches” on their playground. All 3rd grade students drew a self-portrait, which was scanned, retouched, and printed on on vinyl, which was then applied to the benches. When someone needs a play buddy, they sit on the bench and another student comes to befriend them. The personal connection and happiness of the art makes it effective at building stronger relationships. They created vinyl graphics that inspire a change in behavior.

Vinyl graphics that inspire a social movement

“Buddy Benches” created by Artmill Group for Shuler Elementary School in Clive, Iowa.


Art can beautify a neighborhood.

The owner of a Seattle apartment complex wanted to add beauty to the two light wells that served as courtyards for his tenants. He commissioned Peter Robinson to create the art, then had it printed on vinyl and applied to one wall in each well. The result is stunning. They are bold, bright, and crazy creative — and each one is 6 STORIES TALL. You can watch the entire process from ideation to installation here.

Vinyl graphics that inspire neighborhood beautification

Art can drive business. 

Rather than leaving an exterior wall bland and boring, vinyl graphics can bring beauty to the neighborhood. They can promote the business at the same., This Condo community in California is a perfect example. Instead of renting billboard space or attaching anything to the building that might take away from the condo’s beautiful lighting, they opted instead for a vinyl wall graphic as tall as the multi-storied building. The end result is an attractive call for new owners and added beauty to the neighborhood, all without deterring from the condo owner’s views or beautiful California sun.

Vinyl graphics that inspire business
Seabridge Homes and Condos mural, installed by Monster Image.

Micah Dear