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Whatever Floats Your Boat: Vinyl Boat Wrap FAQs

From house boat to luxury boat to boats for business, your boat’s custom look can change your experience on the water. A well-designed vinyl boat wrap can enhance your safety by keeping you vibrant and visible during the day and at night. If you’re a sports fisherman, a custom boat wrap can keep you camouflaged. A boat wrap can boost your business branding or advertise a sponsor during an event. And it can also boost your resale value.


Below, we answer some of our customer’s most frequently asked questions about vinyl boat wraps.

How long does a take to install my boat wrap?

Once you settle on a design for your boat, the process moves very quickly. We print out your custom design on our large format printer. Assuming the surface of your boat is in good shape, your vinyl boat wrap will be installed and ready for pickup in just a day or two.


What if my wrap gets damaged

Accidents happen, but unlike a custom paint job, a vinyl boat wrap is easy to fix. Most of the time, we don’t have to reinstall the whole vinyl wrap. We can print and install the damaged portion, saving you time and money.


How difficult is a boat wrap to maintain?

A vinyl boat wrap doesn’t need polishing and buffing like a marine paint job. Keep it clean, cushion your wrap around the buckles on your boat cover, and your wrap will last for years.


Can I customize the look of my wrap?

Customization comes easy! Because our graphics are digitally printed on a large format printer, you have almost unlimited flexibility in color and design. This allows you to transform the whole look and feel of your boat. We can print photo-quality images, high resolution graphics, and endless colors. You can even wrap your windows with 3M’s perforated vinyl without loss of visibility for a seamless look from stem to stern.


Will a boat wrap damage my boat’s paint job?

Your vinyl boat wrap can actually protect your boat’s factory finish paint job. This not only extends the life your boat, it also enhances your boat’s value when you’re ready for an upgrade.


How much does a boat wrap cost?

Not only are boat wraps less expensive than marine paint, they protect your boat’s factory finish paint job. If you’re a business, people will see your brand in many different places. Your audience is on the water, on the road while your transporting your boat, competing in a tournament, or attending a boat show. A wrapped boat will reinforce your brand and your brand experience, which can boost your business and broaden your customer reach. Boat wraps are also easy to install and then remove for sponsorships or event advertising. A better question might be, “How much does it cost you to NOT install a boat wrap?”


How long will my boat wrap last?

A well-maintained boat wrap will last 5-7 years.

Micah Dear