Vinyl Banner for Upscale Consigntment

Why “Stick a Banner on It” is a Great Solution for New Products and Services

The Value of a Vinyl Banner

Most businesses introduce a new product or service from time to time. It’s a great strategy to keep people interested and coming back again and again. But new products and services don’t win much profit if people don’t know about them. That’s where a vinyl banner can play a role — touting the latest and greatest in a captivating, attention-drawing manner. But what makes for a good vinyl banner? What should be on it and where should it be placed? These are things we’re going to talk about today, so you can make plans to announce your new offering confidently and efficiently.

According to the International Sign Association, banners are the least expensive yet most effective type of signage you can buy. Not only do they look great for years, they can be used again and again both indoors and out. And you can literally use them for a myriad of profitable marketing campaigns. Signs prove so effective that American Express lists signage many times over in their top 25 ideas for marketing your small business.

Vinyl Banner for Broadway Furniture

Vinyl Banners Grab Attention

Imagine reaching every single bit of the foot traffic and vehicle traffic that passed your business every day. That would certainly boost your business profits! And while vinyl banners can’t promise to reach everyone, they’ll certainly reach a whole lot more people than you’re currently reaching. In fact, FedEx’s famous “What’s Your Sign” survey discovered that 76% of Americans would enter a store they have never visited before based on the appeal of a sign. Now there’s some great odds to increase your foot traffic!

Vinyl Banners Increase Profits

Have you ever wondered about the least expensive way to increase sales? Try a vinyl banner. Whether you’re in a storefront, at a tradeshow, or in the back corner of a farmer’s market, an appealing sign can do the job. 68% of Americans have purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye. There’s not many better ways to inspire your customers to purchase something great you have to offer than with a beautiful vinyl banner.

Vinyl banner for Seymour Baker Band

Vinyl Banners Start Conversations

Whether it’s a simple design, a colorful message, or a clever phrase, signs can get people talking. Here’s a statistic to think about:75% of consumers have told their friends about a store after reacting to that store’s signage. Signage is often the visual marker to let people know where your business is located. You lease or own the building that houses your business, and every square foot of outdoor surface is an opportunity to market to people. Think about your unique offerings, and consider a vinyl banner or two to advertise that offering.

Vinyl Banners Make Your Business Memorable

79% of American’s remember a business based on its signage. And there’s a simple truth about advertising: the greater number of exposures, the greater potential you’ll convert the viewer. Make sure that daily commuter sees your business on his way to and from work. Or that mom sees your vinyl banner offering every time she runs her kids to and from school. A new look your business’s way due to a well-worded, brightly-colored vinyl banner might make the difference between a passing glance and a lifetime customer.


Vinyl Banner for Natures Best

Keys to An Effective Vinyl Banner

Anyone can slap together a sign. (Just like anyone can bake a cake… That doesn’t guarantee you want to eat it!) There are a few key ingredients to include in an effective sign:

  • Easily readable
  • Simple concept
  • Attractive design
  • Bright and colorful

If you’re ready to grab attention, boost your profits, start conversations, and make your business more memorable, let’s design a vinyl banner for use inside and outside your establishment.


Micah Dear