Color boosts visibility in vehicle wrap design

Vehicle Wraps: How Color Boosts Visibility

Stop signs generally make us stop. It helps that they’re bright red. The same goes for traffic lights. Orange signs let us know to be cautious. Double yellow lines let us know it’s not safe to pass. The same is true in nature. Yellow stripes on bees let us know to be careful so we don’t get stung. In all these experiences, color plays the role of attention-getter. In sum, color boosts visibility like nothing else.

Color on your vinyl vehicle wrap can be just as effective.

No, we aren’t saying cover in yellow and black stripes like a bee, although that might be cool if you run a beekeeping business. Color can tell people a lot about who you are and what you do. But more importantly, color can get people’s attention.

Color is everywhere. We may think we don’t notice it, but color can speak to us subconsciously. A peach room can help us calm down and relax. (It’s a great color for bedrooms!) A recent study reports that color’s power is so great that we base 62-90% of our assessments about the world on color.

How should we take advantage of the power of color?

Color boosts visibility and red is the most powerful color

Because color boosts visibility, use it! Experts say that the following 10 colors are the most attention grabbing and sales-inducing:

  • Red: the most powerful but be careful not to go overboard
  • Blue: “true blue” is loyal to the very end
  • Pink: pink tax or no, it works for women
  • Yellow: confidently attention-grabbing
  • Green: pleasantly healthy and full of goodwill
  • Purple: regal and elegant through and through
  • Gold: purple with a touch of wealth and class
  • Orange: energetic and creative
  • Brown: comforting and relaxing
  • Black: works best in contrast and adds a touch of drama

When color is coupled with design, it can tell people what type of business we are. Polka dots let people know you’re up for a little fun and creativity. The color of the dots can denote just how much fun you might be in for. Arrows might convey energy or speed. Make it bright and high contrast and people will not only notice, they’re apt to believe it!


Whatever vinyl vehicle wrap design you choose, keep it bold and bright. Color boosts visibility and you’ll get more exposure than you can even imagine every single time you drive. Studies tell us that brand exposure is in the thousands every time you pull out of your driveway and head to work, make a delivery, or go to dinner.

Micah Dear