vehicle wraps can be flexible

Change Comes Easy: Vehicle Wraps Can Be Flexible

For a small business, sometimes looking 5 years into the future can be daunting, especially when it comes to advertising.

Are you worried that a vehicle wrap will lock you into something for 5 years and a lot of money? Our vehicle wraps can be inexpensive. But did you know that we can alter information along the way as needed? Yes, the best news is that vehicle wraps can be flexible  — more so than you’d think. If you’re unsure about what’s coming, know that you have options and that nothing is permanent. (What small business owner isn’t worried about this?!)

We have a few ways we can plan ahead and ensure your vehicle wraps can be flexible, but first, let’s talk about the reasons you may need that flexibility.


vehicle wraps can be flexible in scope


If you’re a startup, you might need a new logo sooner than you think.

Most startups are on a shoestring budget. Typically, branding comes far behind the idea or talent. But when a startup takes off, it’s common to upgrade the branding to match the new, broader demand. If you’ve invested in a vehicle wrap, this might mean a new logo.

You might need to change your phone number.

This need is not a stranger to us either. Many times a personal cell phone turns into a business phone, but then the business takes off and you find you want a dedicated business line. Or you need to switch phone companies in order to meet the growing demands of your corporation. Whatever the reason for the shift, the phone number on your vehicle will need to changed.

Your business has expanded.

Perhaps you started with just a few products or services, but now you have a new product or service that is highly successful. In these situations, you’ll probably want to add that information to your vehicle wrap in some fashion or another. This ensures that your most popular (read: profitable) offering is making the best use of your mobile advertising.

vehicle wraps can be flexible in design

If any of these three statements ring true for you (or other reasons we haven’t mentioned), we can help. You’ll soon see that vehicle wraps can be flexible.

  • If you’re a startup, we might recommend going with a partial wrap. This not only minimizes your initial investment, it allows you to change parts of your vehicle graphics a bit more easily.
  • If you’re fairly certain your company is going to be a smashing success but isn’t quite there yet, we might recommend layering your design. That way, when your branding is a bit more solidified, we can peel off what you have and add a new one.
  • If you’re worried about any other aspect of design, we can probably come up with a creative solution together.

Sometimes just naming a concern is enough to get the ball rolling on effective solutions. Plus, the odds are that with our experience, we’ve handled something similar before. Vehicle wraps can be flexible — it’s all up the designer’s creativity. Let’s talk!

Micah Dear