Car wrap design technology makes printable vinyl possible

How Technology Is Making Vehicle Wraps Even Better

A Quick History of Vehicle Advertising

Advertising on vehicles has been around almost since the creation of vehicles. In fact, according to Hershey chocolate history, owner Milton Hershey bought the first automobile in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1900, and used it to advertise while it delivered his goods. This knack for creative promotion awarded him great success as a business owner.

Vehicle owners used paint until the BF Goodrich Company accidentally invented vinyl in 1926. (Today, vinyl is the second most-produced plastic in the world.) For years, self-adhesive vinyl was only available to the wealthy. In 1980, scientists discovered a different process, and it became accessible to smaller businesses. Then in the 90s, technology advanced to the point that vinyl vehicle graphics were affordable and effective.

One of the first companies to employ vinyl vehicle graphics was a German taxi company. The government required all taxis to be a specific beige color, but painting these vehicles was costly and meant days out of commission. Instead of losing money, one company use vinyl to wrap all their vehicles. Not only was it less expensive, it was fast, meaning less lost time picking up fares. Today, vehicle wrap technology allows for even more creative promotion.


Today’s vehicle wrap technology improves vinyl in the following ways:

Printable Vinyl

Vehicle wrap technology has advanced even more since the early 90s, and now it’s possible to print photo-quality graphics onto vinyl, giving customers endless possibilities when it comes to vinyl vehicle wrap design. Not only that, business owners can customize their vinyl graphic to match their colors and brand exactly, with a vibrancy like never before. Designs created graphics on a computer and previewed before production, ensuring the end-product is exactly what is desired.

Vehicle Wrap Technology makes space for creative advertising

Watch a start-to-finish time lapse of the FedEx Delivery Manager NASCAR that combines both printed vinyl and specialty vinyl.

More Flexible Vinyl

The flexibility of today’s vinyl gives wrap installers more options and allows them to wrap angular cars more effectively. This flexibility also allows for a bit more stretch but doesn’t lead to over-stretching or damaging the vinyl.

Check out this Lamborghini wrapped in 3Ms new chrome vinyl. The improved vehicle wrap technology allows the sharp angles to truly shine.

Earthy-Friendly Options

As producers and consumers alike become more aware of the ways our choices affect the environment, they’ve researched and manufactured products that are more environmentally friendly. These Envision Wrap Films contain no PVC, are Phthalate-free, and are made in part with bio-based materials. Manufacturers use 58% less solvent, without chlorine or other halogens added. Additionally, they work with regular solvent and eco-solvent printers. Read more about earth-friendly vinyl in our previous article here.

Specialty Vinyl

Not only has vehicle wrap technology advanced to give us more printable, flexible, and earth-friendly options when it comes to vehicle wraps, they’ve also been able to produce some pretty amazing specialty vinyl. These range from color-changing vinyl to chrome, psychedelic, reflective, and glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

Vehicle Wrap Technology makes reflective graphics possible

Vehicle Wrap Technology allows vinyl to be seen at night

Technology has made our lives easier in so many ways, and it makes vehicle advertising more effective as well. Not only do they work better, they also last longer than ever. The bottom line? Vinyl vehicle wrap design is virtually limitless. Whether it’s for your business or for your personal enjoyment, we can help create a vehicle design that makes it even more enjoyable to drive.


Micah Dear