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How to Use Vehicle Graphics to Connect and Inspire

When in-person get-togethers are limited or restricted, spreading news of causes or events, inspiring the community, and gathering support can be more difficult. As a result, organizations are finding fresh ways to communicate visually more than ever. Creativity is surging. Causes are growing. Non-profits are not just surviving but also thriving. Because vehicle graphics build connection, they’re part of this new communication strategy.

Vehicle graphics communicate clearly, effectively, and can move hearts and minds because of their highly visual nature. Learn four ways vinyl vehicle graphics build connection and help make a difference.



You can apply vinyl vehicle wraps to cars, trucks, vans, trailers, and even golf carts. And because you can produce vinyl wraps on high resolution printers, you can print your people doing what they love — serving your community. Whether it’s the faces of the children you reach, the places you serve, or the impact you’re making as a non-profit, church, or business, vinyl graphics build connection and bridge the gap between your viewers to your passion.



There are few ways to make a greater impact than to reveal to people what can be. There’s not much more powerful than to help people focus on the potential of the future. Are you training young people to be change makers? Big Lake Youth Camp uses their trailer wrap to inspire others and to share their message.


Are you helping people realize a better tomorrow by teaching them life skills today? Share that story on your vehicle as you travel about town. Does your organization have a mantra it lives by? Put it on your truck or van. No matter if it’s a big thing or a little thing, what you share as you motor about town can change lives, one mile at a time.


Arouse Interest

Are you a new organization or one that hasn’t had much visibility? Wrap you vehicle with a story that shares why what you do is important. Let people know who you are, where you are, and how they can take part in your mission. Show the rewards of time well-spent in your graphic imagery. Let people see how they can feel and what they can achieve, so their next move is to call and find their place with you.


Gather Support

Do you need more bodies or more donations or more financial support? Use vehicle graphics to stand with you in your mission. Do you organize trash cleanup along the river as part of your mission? Invite others to join you. Do you need donations to help the less privileged? Share the difference it can make. Make your vehicle graphics arouse the interest and invite others to action. By driving your daily route with your message on your vehicle, you can help transform your city.


Vehicle graphics build connection and are highly visible change-makers. They have the highest impact and the lowest cost per impression. If you’re looking for greater visibility for your non-profit, church, business, or organization, vehicle graphics are most likely the best path forward.

Micah Dear