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UV Protection and Privacy Can Still Be Beautiful

As a business owner, choosing between aesthetics and practicality can  be difficult, especially when both are important to your clients. You want to draw them into your business with a pleasing exterior and comfortable interior, but you also want to spend money where there’s the greatest return on your investment. With vinyl graphics, you don’t have to choose. You can have both, which can also save money in other areas. 


Vinyl Can Provide a Beautiful Environment

Endless color, photo-quality imagery, and custom design. These options each come part and parcel with vinyl graphics. Printed on high-quality vinyl from a large format, high-resolution printer, your imagination is the only thing that limits your end product. Vinyl graphics are as customizable as you need. Want images of your customers’ beautiful smiles after their dental treatment? No problem. Need images of your active clients exploring the world around them? Easy-peasy. Five stories tall or just on your front door, you can add beauty anywhere you need it.

To get more views on your signage it must be large enough


Vinyl Graphics Can Provide UV Protection

If you’re looking to make your clients more comfortable in your space without adding heavy blinds or blacking out your sunlit windows, vinyl graphics can provide your solution. Still enjoy the brightness and openness of uncovered windows, but block the UV rays and dampen the glow as much or as little as you want. Even better, you can print on this vinyl so the outside of your windows look beautiful and inviting while the inside remains at the perfect light level you desire. And still allows you to see out.

This added UV blockage can reduce the heat that the brazen sun brings, which reduces your summer cooling bill. Keep your space inviting, more comfortable and save money at the same time.


Vinyl Graphics Can Provide Privacy

Do you wish you had a meeting space that faces the entrance yet still provides privacy? Maybe your exam room needs more privacy without being completely enclosed and walled up. Vinyl graphics can provide added privacy with an opaque or semi-transparent covering. Your glass walls can even be solid vinyl on one side and see-through on the other. (This technology works great on vinyl vehicle wraps, too.)


Boost the usefulness and the beauty of your space. Improve the comfort of your employees and your clients. Reduce your cooling bill. And make every inch of your space useful and efficient. All with creative, inviting vinyl graphics. It’s a win for everyone!

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Micah Dear