The Sign Guy Covid 19 outdoor vinyl floor graphics

Transform Your Event with Outdoor Floor Graphics

When many of us think of an event, we think weddings, grand openings, reunions and any other public assembly. We use events to celebrate, learn, and rally around a product or idea. But events aren’t just for sports and family reunions. Every type of event deserves the chance to be seen and heard as much as possible. Outdoor vinyl floor graphics are a creative, expressive avenue for promotion. lists these 8 different types of events, each of which is a valid reason to celebrate and promote:

  • Social or Life Cycle
  • Education and Career
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Political
  • Corporate
  • Religious
  • Fund Raising or Cause-Related

Every one of these gatherings means an opportunity to meet people, garner support, collaborate, and introduce you or your brand to a whole new audience. In today’s climate, many people and companies host these events in large outdoor spaces. These larger areas provide an opportunity to make a big impression in a way you may not have considered: outdoor vinyl floor graphics. And before you ask, yes, floor graphics can work outside just as well as inside. Often, these outdoor vinyl floor graphics make an even bigger impact because walls don’t constrain them. They can be big, loud, and even interactive.


Do particular events benefit more or less from outdoor floor graphics? We believe ALL events can benefit. Anything from weddings and door-buster sales to educational and social justice campaigns. You can even make footprints leading people from the sidewalk straight through your door, directly to your sale. Outdoor vinyl floor graphics save money, reduce slips, last a long time, and you can remove them without damaging the surface underneath. Basically, with these significant benefits, there’s no reason not to use them!


Covid-19 Educational Event

We’ve seen an educational event in almost every single store across the area. For the past 9 months, almost every store has social distancing reminders marked in floor graphics every six feet — inside and out. There are reminders for which direction to walk in each aisle. Window graphics and door graphics further direct customers on which doors to enter and which to exit. These Covid-19 window graphics also include reminders to wear a face mask. As a result, they provide store owners a straightforward way to engage their customers and let them know customer health is their top priority.


TD Bank Social Event

Last year, Toronto-Dominion Bank in Toronto wanted to show its support for their month-long Toronto Pride celebration in a big way. They installed a 48 foot rainbow circle in Toronto — outdoors. For all five weeks of the event, it stayed vibrant, scuff-free, and celebratory, despite heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. For stateside events this year, they’ve expanded their pride brand to include vinyl wrapped trucks and golf carts and branded t-shirts.

Outdoor vinyl floor graphics give you the opportunity to surprise, delight, educate, and support. You can easily extend your event promotion by creating vinyl vehicle graphics, signs, window displays, and almost any other means. This combination will get you noticed and get people involved in whatever event you’re promoting.

Micah Dear