vehicle wrap design

Creative Asset Vehicle Wrap drivers side view

Featured Project: Creative Asset Vehicle Wrap

Creative Asset partners with companies on graphic design and video. So it’s no surprise that their vehicle wrap needed to be designed to perfection. When James, the owner, initially approached us, we talked through what it would take and how the whole process would work. Concepting the Vinyl Wrap James took a template of their…

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4 Ingredients of a Successful Vehicle Wrap

Instagram is famous for food pictures. And if you’re like most of us scrollers, you (Why are they always in slow-motion with tantalizing melty-cheesy-goodness?) The key ingredients in a best-selling food ad are the same as the ingredients in a successful vehicle wrap design — minus the melty cheese. Unless, of course, that’s your business and…

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Best Vehicle to Wrap for Andres Landscaping

How to Choose the Best Vehicle When You’re Considering a Vinyl Wrap

Does the vehicle size and shape matter all that much when it comes to wrapping it? Spoiler alert: No, the size and shape of your vehicle doesn’t matter all that much. Smart cars and buses can reach the same amount of people with equal effectiveness. But for some reason we get asked this question from…

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