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Learn what it takes to upgrade with a vinyl vehicle wrap

Too Expensive to Get a New Car? Upgrade with a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Instead!

Sky High New and Used Car Prices in 2022 Record high car prices aren’t just 2021’s nightmare. Those high costs are creeping into 2022 as well. The cost of new cars is coming down, but buyers are paying 12.2% more than last year. Used vehicle prices are up over 40%. Used car prices are so…

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Questions about vehicle wraps and the ongevity of Vehicle Wraps by Cascade Wraps

How to Unify Your Fleet Graphics for Greater Profit

If you’re a small or medium size business, you’re probably thinking that competing with large brands is impossible. But what if there were a way to level the playing field in advertising? What if you could build your brand recognition for only $44 per million views? Yes, it’s possible. And with something as simple as…

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