facts about vinyl wraps

Dispelling Myths About Vehicle Wraps and Visibility

Dispelling a Few Myths About Vehicle Wraps

Have you heard the rumors about all the dangers of vehicle wraps? Myths about vehicle wraps including thoughts like they damage your paint? That wraps lower your visibility while driving. That vehicle wraps are impossible to remove (or they fade and wear off quickly.) Or that vehicle wraps are impossibly expensive? We’re here today to…

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vinyl vehicle wrap statistics on the cost-effectiveness

Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Statistics: Your Vehicle Wrap by the Numbers

Why Vehicle Wraps are the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Available Vehicle wraps have gained popularity in recent years. Why is that? Well, lots of different reasons. More and more people are on the roads, so vehicle wraps bring the marketing to the people. The technology associated with vinyl makes a vehicle wrap not only an eye-catching…

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