Spiff Up Your Storefront With Indoor Signage and vinyl window graphics

Spiff Up Your Storefront With Indoor Signage

Maybe your business was rocketing along pretty well before the pandemic hit. Maybe you had projected a booming year of profits. You may have even been considering a move to a larger space. But Covid shifted life as you know it and your world may feel pretty upside down about now. The good news is that small businesses have gotten some government relief, and foot traffic is picking up now that a vaccine is in sight. The holidays are over, a new year has dawned, and people are feeling more optimistic about being out and about. Window graphics and indoor signage can help you capitalize on it all.


How do you get that money through your doors and your product into their hands? Here are 3 ways vinyl window graphics and indoor signage can help.


Use every inch of real estate you already have.

With commercial real estate at a premium, you need to make the most of the space you already have. If you’re a retail space, are you leading your customers through an experience that ultimately provides them what they need, even if they didn’t recognize that need when they walked through the door? Are your aisles clearly marked? In some markets, your greatest appeal is helping customers find what they need as quickly as possible so they can get back to work. Add some indoor signage to help people navigate your space efficiently. 

Do your customers know about all the services you offer? Are you upselling teeth whitening to every dental cleaning customer? Are you offering a maintenance package with every emergency chiropractic appointment? Vinyl wall displays and indoor signage can expand your customers’ knowledge and invite them into more interaction with you on a more regular basis.


Make your windows a source of hope.

Well-designed window graphics are a great way to show your customers what life will be like when they invest in what you offer. These days, this approach can instill a sense of hope in everyone who sees it. Take some time to brainstorm all the ways what you do makes a difference in people’s lives. What will they feel? How will they live? What concern will you evaporate? What will it do for their relationships, their finances, or their lifestyle? No idea is too silly — just write them all down. Ask your staff. Then take your top idea and show that on your windows and doors. Make people smile, take a deep calming breath, drop their tense shoulders, or even laugh. These concepts are the often overlooked intangibles that change lives. And showcasing them through window graphics on your brick and mortar can change your business.


Vinyl Window graphics and indoor signage set the stage for your customers before they even enter your doors


Make your space inviting. 

Most people want an escape. A haven to get away from things for a bit. Make your space a place they want to be. If you’re a plumbing store, make it the friendly place to find solutions. If you’re a hardware store, empower people to fix things themselves or remake their spaces. And if you offer massage services, show them the relaxation that’s coming the moment they pull into your parking lot. 

These simple visual cues through vinyl window graphics and indoor signage can set the stage for a memorable experience your customers want again and again. They will make your space the best place to get exactly what you offer in a way that no one else can deliver. Vinyl window graphics and indoor signage also let you show up on social media in a way that’s peaks interest and shows your unique approach. Tease them with the promise and then deliver on that promise the moment they walk through the door.

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Micah Dear