Simple Sign Design is Legible

Why Simple Is Better in Sign Design

Works of art are beautiful because they keep the viewer engaged and continually reveals layers of meaning. This is why museums give lots of room around art — so you can study, enjoy, and be continually delighted by their works of art. When it comes to your business, simple sign design is most effective. And like everything else in life, your signage needs to have a clear purpose.


Below, we cover 5 purposes for simple sign design so you can determine exactly what you want your sign to accomplish.


Communicate Information

Informational signage simply answers the question what. Whether it’s your logo on a sign to help people locate your business or a branded sign to announce a sale, an informative sign wields power. It can announce a new offering to viewers or inform of business hours. Examples of informative signage include:

  • 50% Off
  • Now Offering
  • Open from 10a – 9p
  • Restroom
  • New Release
  • Construction Zone


Give Warning or Inform of Conditional Situations

Often, we need to make our audience aware of dangers or potential pitfalls. This not only protects them, it lets them know you’re watching out for their best interest.

  • Caution: Frequent Stops
  • Danger: Flammable
  • Emergency Exit Only
  • Floor Slippery When Wet


Simple Sign Design Communicates Information

Give Direction

Effective directional signage tells people where to enter, where to park, where to pay, or where to to go next. Most often, it answers the questions where or how.

  • Enter
  • Handicap Parking
  • Pay Here
  • Proceed to Next Window


Show Support

Signs can show support of causes or sports teams. They can rally enthusiasm and motivate people to rally. This type of signage can even show that a business aligns with a particular ideology or lifestyle.

  • Timber’s Army
  • Locally Sourced
  • Pesticide-Free
  • Please Recycle


Promote / Inspire

Simple Sign Design Inspires

While a promotional sign often includes information, it usually serves to motivate the viewer more intentionally. Inspiring signage often challenges the viewer to think about what could be rather than what is.

  • New Inventory
  • Feel Better Today
  • Regional Champs
  • Welcome
  • Kids Eat Free


Once you know what type of business signage you need, make sure it’s effective.

The following simple sign design attributes will help you create a sign that viewers will act upon:

  • High Contrast
  • Bright Colors
  • Legible Font
  • Large Letters


If you’re looking to inform, warn, give direction, support, or promote, simple sign design is always most effective. When you communicate clearly in an uncluttered manner, your audience will know exactly what’s going and what is expected of them. Simple signage will increase your sales volume exponentially!

Micah Dear