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4 Ways to Boost Value in Your Parking Garage with Signage

Custom signage can be a powerful way to expand your audience and boost your revenue. Signage outside your place of business can let people know you’re there, and directional signage can help them get straight to your door. Interior signage can help customers navigate your space and find exactly what they’re looking for. All these can increase your bottom line. Vehicle wraps on the sides of cars and trucks can create brand awareness. Message on public transit can do the same. But what about other places people frequent? Like building exterior signage, parking garage wall signage and even floor signage.


Parking garage wall signage offers a brilliant growth opportunity.

In most cities, street parking can be difficult to find. It can also be short term and inconvenient to re-up your meter. For this very reason, builders structure parking garages to fit as many cars as possible. It’s convenient for drivers, easy to pay, and can protect your car better than on-street parking. People are constantly in and out of parking garages — all day and often all night. Not only do you capture people’s attention as they drive in and out to park, your also getting a lot of foot traffic. Both of these instances provide high opportunity and high visibility for any signage on the walls or floors.


How do you engage these potential customers? All of the same rules of impactful signage apply:

Make it legible.

Make sure your parking garage wall signage is large enough. If you’re reaching both auto and foot traffic, it must be read quickly. Use high contrast colors, upper and lowercase lettering, and a simple, clean typeface. No scripts or ornamental fonts for this application! Don’t fill every available space with text. Most experts agree that you should use no more than 7 words. A classic example of when less is more.

Make your parking garage wall signage engaging.

Draw people in with your story. This requires knowledge of who you’re trying to reach, what their needs are, and what life could be like if they had that need fulfilled with your product or service. Stick with your brand values. If humor is your thing, make it funny. If personalized care is what your brand is about, use imagery to help convey that value.

Make it memorable.

Make your sign about your audience rather than about what you provide. Think from their perspective. Keep your message short, make it carry punch, and use imagery to reinforce your message. These are all tools to help your sign stick in your potential customer’s heads. And the better they remember your message, the more likely they are to act on it.

Make it actionable.

Your sign should help your audience know exactly what they need to do next. Call. Visit. Make an appointment. Get a free sample. These are all simple actions you can ask your audience to take. Don’t leave them hanging. Make sure they know exactly what they need to do next to get their need met, their wishes granted, or their dreams fulfilled.

If you’re a parking garage owner, consider leasing space on your walls. If you’re a business, contact a parking garage near you to see if they can help you advertise in their space. We can help you make your signage as effective and long-lasting as it can be.

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