Cascade Wraps Vinyl Wrap for a McClaren Race Car

May Spotlight: McClaren Race Car

It’s time for another Working Wednesday here at Cascade Wraps. This month we’re talking cars — fast cars. Who doesn’t love to listen to the throaty growl of a race car? We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, from the minute we met the owner to the roar of him leaving the shop with his brand new vinyl race car wrap intact.


A Complete Race Car Rebrand from Start to Finish

We started at the very beginning — designing a new logo. The customer needed a rebrand, so we had a few conversations, took a lot of notes, and then spent several emails back and forth making sure we nailed the look and feel that the customer needed for this race car wrap. Sometimes it takes several iterations to get it right, which is why we’ve learned to be high communicators and responsive listeners. And as you can see with this beautiful car, this practice works out well for everyone.

This customer owns a glass company, so we chose a broken glass background to make it personalized and distinct.  The angled font and bold letters give the illusion of speed, even when standing still. The silver metallic 3M wrap film in the background helped tie everything together.


The Speedy Result

This car coupled with the wrap we designed was the customer’s dream come true. He loves having it in his garage during the week, but loves taking it out on the track even more. 

Micah Dear