Floor Graphics by The Sign Guy 3

Graphic on the Floor? How and Why You Should Think About It.

Every square inch of your business is an opportunity to engage your customers and build brand awareness. 

Each and every surface of your business can lead and direct your customers. Everyone sees your floors, whether they realize it or not. Floors are typically an underutilized space. Why not use this surface as a marketing opportunity and greet them with a durable brand reinforcement? Think of your floors as potential interior signage and advertising space. We cover three of the many reasons you should consider floor graphics in your business, whether you have a retail or an industrial space.

Direct Traffic

Floor graphics direct traffic through busy areas. (We’ve all probably followed Ikea’s giant floor arrows through the store. Consequently, we’ve also seen every single produce they sell.) These graphics can also lead customers to a new product or service in a fun, delightful manner.

If you have an industrial warehouse rather than a retail space, floor graphics can direct traffic flow, reinforce safety, and keep things organized.

Enhance Your Brand Image

Floor graphics can also enhance the story your branding is already telling. Add color, engaging messages, or a picture that coincides with the emotion your brand evokes. Graphics on your floor can also serve as an extra point of engagement during the sales process — something other advertising isn’t able to accomplish in quite the same way.

Floor graphics serve as powerful Interior Signage

If you’re a school or sports facility, you can apply your brand, logo, or mascot to your floors. This is a sure guarantee that your brand will be seen in a positive light by a large audience over and over again.

Provide Extra Sales and Safety

Promote an event on your entrance and exit floor space. Help decorate a special event with floor graphics. Promote a new product or suggest an upsell or suggest an add-on product.

Made from slip-resistant laminate, interior signage for floors keeps yourspace safe. Floor graphic vinyl is also scratch and scuff resistant, so it holds up well, even with heavy traffic. This vinyl is also safe for wood and vinyl flooring and can be installed for short-term or long-term use.

No matter what your business type, odds are floor graphics can extend your brand or increase safety. This unique kind of communication can bring otherwise boring and wasted space to life with color and strategic brand messaging. 

Micah Dear