Cascade Wraps Gladstone Police School Resource Officer Vehicle

Gladstone SRO Vehicle: A Standout Job on a High-Visibility Car

It’s another working Wednesday here at Cascade Wraps and this time we’re coming at your with lights and sirens.


About Gladstone School District’s School Resource Officer

This month we’re focusing on the Gladstone Police force. We’ve been honored to do all the car graphics for Gladstone Police Department cruisers for awhile. This time, though, we were called in for an extra-special project — the school resource officer vehicle.

A school resource officer (SRO) is a law enforcement officer who works specifically in schools. They strive to build positive relationships with students, deter violence, protect everyone in the building, and help develop and practice a safety plan in the event of an emergency. Being a sounding board and a point of contact for students allows them to reduce absenteeism and decrease crime.

SROs also work closely with administration to keep the school population and grounds safe. They’re are present for any searches — which may involve weapons, controlled substances, or a student’s unpredictable emotional state. SROs’ visibility during school hours and at school events can help lower anxiety for many students and keep other behaviors in check. In sum? That have a challenging job that can reap some pretty great rewards.


How We Made the Gladstone SRO Vehicle a “Cool” Stand Out

We needed to make this Gladstone SRO vehicle one that showcased the importance of the job. Not only were we able to rise to the challenge, the process was a lot of fun for us! Gladstone Police wanted a standout design that would get attention.

For a modern, custom look, we applied a dark, 3M wrap film with a matte finish. We placed the school graphics and police logos in contrasting orange right over the top of the matte gray.

The end result looks sharp, and gets the attention of students, staff, and the local community. Plus, it makes the officer the “cool cop” at each of Gladstone’s four schools.

Micah Dear