Cascade Wraps Auntie Ems pink food trailer

Auntie Em’s Mini Donuts: A Food Trailer Made to Order

It’s Working Wednesday again here at Cascade Wraps, and we have another tasty treat in store for you.


About Auntie Em’s Mini Donut Food Trailer

Auntie Em’s Mini Donut food trailer was another project that started with a logo redesign. While the client information is always different and the look and feel of the end result varies, the process remains the same. We talk with the client, find as much as we can about their business, their audience, and their needs. Then we start sketching out designs. A few logo iterations later and we had a new look and feel that really made the client happy.


How We Used the  Food Trailer’s Color to Our Advantage

It was time to tackle the big pink food trailer. Because the client already had a fantastic pink base, we made what we call a “print and cut” graphics. We designed the graphics, printed them out on our high-resolution, large format printer. Then we die cut them to shape.

This process is very similar to the way we make die-cut decals and cut-out vinyl letters. It makes for a really clean end product that pops off the surface of the vehicle. To further enhance this look and feel, we focused on high contract colors in the graphics. This can be difficult when it comes to food, but who doesn’t love giant iced donuts with sprinkles? The bigger the better!


The Challenges We Overcame

When customers don’t know how or where to buy, it’s difficult to keep them interested. That’s why we were careful to include instructions for the customer so they would know exactly what they were getting and where to order. This type of directional signage makes it easy to convert browsers into buyers, and then into happy customers who will promote the Auntie Em’s brand.

We’re definitely fans of hot, fresh, made-to-order mini donuts. And we’re really excited about how this giant pink food trailer turned out.

Micah Dear