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FAQs: Should I Paint or Wrap My Car?

One of the most frequent debates we hear concerns the difference between painting your car and wrapping your car. Which is better? Which is the financially sound choice? Will one look better than the other? How long does each take? We’re here to answer all your questions on whether you should paint or wrap, so you’ll be able to make the choice that is best for you.


Which is better, paint or wrap?

Better is relative. When you evaluate based on a comparative scale, you’ll always find something better and something worse. It’s the same as buying a car. You can get a $500 beater that will get you from Point A to Point B. (Well, most of the time.) If you want to get there comfortably and reliably, you’re going to have to spend a whole lot more. If your priority revolves around sustainability, you’ll most likely buy a hybrid.

When it comes to choosing between painting or wrapping, it also depends on your priorities. If you want the kudos for paying for a custom paint job that fades from one color to another, nothing but paint will do. If you want to brag that the business information on your truck is hand-lettered by the best in town, nothing but paint will do. But if you want a vehicle that looks sharp, lasts for years, communicates your brand, and moves people to action without breaking the bank, you’re going to want a vinyl vehicle wrap.


Is painting or wrapping the more financially sound choice?

A custom paint job will put you back quite a few thousand dollars. A custom paint job with multiple layers, a specialized finish or color-shifting paint,  you’ll pay even more. A vinyl vehicle wrap generally runs the same cost as a basic custom paint job. It lasts just as long, and stays looking beautiful. The additional cost if you choose from vast variety of speciality finishes is nowhere near what you’d pay for the same features in paint. Plus, if you accidentally damage the vinyl in a fender bender, repairs are fast, easy, and inexpensive. that would never be an option with a custom paint job!


A high-quality vinyl vehicle wrap will last for years.


Which will look better, custom paint or a vinyl wrap?

If you ask us, we think a vinyl vehicle wrap looks better than a custom paint job. With our extensive line of top quality vinyl, our photo-quality printers, and our experienced install team, we’ve found our wraps get more looks, more compliments, and more return-on-investment than any custom paint job. In fact, many people can’t tell the difference between a wrap and a high quality paint job.


How long does each take?

A custom paint job can at least a week, but often can be at the shop for weeks. The original paint must be removed before the new paint can adhere smoothly to the surface of the car. Then each layer of paint takes time to dry. With a vinyl vehicle wrap, your vehicle will be in and out of our shop in just a day or two.


So while we can’t answer whether a custom paint job or vinyl vehicle wrap is better for you, we can assure that a wrap will save you time and money, and will look ever better than you might believe.

Micah Dear