Dispelling Myths About Vehicle Wraps and Visibility

Dispelling a Few Myths About Vehicle Wraps

Have you heard the rumors about all the dangers of vehicle wraps?

Myths about vehicle wraps including thoughts like they damage your paint? That wraps lower your visibility while driving. That vehicle wraps are impossible to remove (or they fade and wear off quickly.) Or that vehicle wraps are impossibly expensive? We’re here today to dispel all these myths.

Do Vehicle Wraps Damage Your Paint?

Quick answer: No!

This is one of the myths about vehicle wraps we run across often. I think people imagine layers of paint and vehicle parts being removed as we peel back vinyl at the end of the vinyl’s lifespan. (Which is l-o-n-g. We’ll cover this lifespan more below.) The truth is, vehicle wraps can actually help protect your car to some extent. So much so that you can even wrap a leased vehicle. Say what? It’s true!

Here are a few things to remember if you choose to wrap a leased vehicle:

  • Check with your leasing company first to ensure it’s an option with your lease agreement.
  • Find someone who uses brand-name vinyl (We do! We’re a certified 3M preferred wrap installer with 20 years of experience, which means each of our installers have been tested and recognized by 3M for their installation skills and knowledge.)
  • Remove your wrap at the end of its lifespan. (That’s 5-7 years of traveling advertising!)


Dispelling Myths About Vehicle Wraps Means Wraps are Easy to Remove

Do vehicle wraps limit your visibility?

Quick answer: Nope!

We will print the part of the vinyl wrap that goes on your window on perforated vinyl. These perforations ensure the greatest visibility, as the tiny holes in the vinyl let in light and allow for a clear line of site without losing out on a beautiful design. We have different levels of opacity available, so we’ll walk you through the best decision based on your vehicle and your design. (If you’re getting vinyl on the side windows, we may use regular vehicle vinyl as it prints designs a little more clearly and can hold a UV laminate which prevents fading.)


Are vehicle wraps easy to remove?

Quick answer: Yes!

Who wants to invest in a vehicle wrap that never comes off? Not anyone we know, that’s for sure. The beauty of a vinyl vehicle wrap for advertising your business or cause is that it can be changed after several years. (Or months. Have you seen those bus decals lately?) The two most important things to remember when it comes to removal is to start with a high-quality vinyl material, and to remove it within the warranty window. If you wait longer, the adhesive can react differently and be a bit more difficult to remove.


Myths About Vehicle Wraps include Fading Over Time

Do vehicle wraps fade?

Quick answer: Yes.

Just like your normal car paint fades, the color on your vinyl will fade. Will it look dull and miserable a few years in? Definitely not. If for some reason your vehicle wrap gets damaged, we take into account any fading when we print a replacement piece.


Aren’t vehicle wraps really expensive?

Quick answer: No.

Vehicle wraps are the least expensive form of advertising you can invest in when we look at cost-per-exposure. Here’s a post about the actual cost of a vehicle wrap. In it we expound on the cost per impression (30,000-70,000 views PER DAY). The average cost of a vehicle wrap is about $2,500.

If you have any questions we haven’t covered or want more details on the ones we’ve talked about here, feel free to contact us. We love talking vinyl vehicle wraps! And we’re all about dispelling any myths about vehicle wraps.

Micah Dear