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Custom Floor Graphics: Transform Your Event and Delight Your Audience

When most people plan sales or events, the last thing they’re thinking about is the floor. But your floor offers a unique opportunity to direct, delight, dazzle, dare, but most of all — drum up sales. You’ve probably seen them more often than you realize. Custom floor graphics pop up in shops, at the mall, on buses, in airports, sporting events, restaurants, and even in industrial plants.


What are the latest trends in floor graphics?

One of the latest trends is all about using custom floor graphics at special events. Hosts can add images, quotations, or significant dates to various areas of their event. Couples can add monograms to their reception floor and step up their dance floor with sparkling designs. Older couples can use them at anniversary parties. Any special event will become even more special with the addition of custom floor graphics.


Are they profitable for stores?

Stores that invest in custom floor graphics engage their customers in a whole new way.  They can direct customers as efficiently as wall signs, while saving wall space to display more products. Stores can use them to highlight specials, direct customers through the store, highlight expectations as to where to order and what to do next. They can add humor where it fits the company brand. (Got a pet store? Add various critter tracks to the area customers can find their supplies.) They can point customers to special deals, and even denote places to stand while physically distancing from other customers. Big box warehouse stores can lead people right to the products they need with well-designed floor graphics.


Where else can I use them for?

You can use custom floor graphics everywhere! Add them to the floor of your next trade show you host. Lead potential employees to your table at your next job fair. You can even use them in your home. If you love working on cars in your garage, add some floor graphics to make your space even more fun. Add creative images or games to your kids’ playroom floor.


Are custom floor graphics safe?

We install floor graphics with safety as our primary concern. They’re non-skid so your customers won’t slip. They stick well so event guests won’t trip. They’re also easy to remove and won’t damage the floor underneath. And the best yet, they can warn customers of hazard areas or remind employees to be provide appropriate clearance around doorways and other openings.


What surfaces can you apply them to?

You can apply custom floor graphics to tile, hardwood, vinyl, cement, and even carpeting and asphalt.

Just like we do with our vehicle wraps, we can print these graphics at high resolution, and in full color, so even images look great! The next time you host an event, or even if you want to spruce up your home or business, consider the virtually endless possibilities that floor graphics afford.

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