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Brand Your Awnings and Outdoor Umbrellas: A Forgotten Branding Opportunity

Are potential customers yawning at your awnings? Do they even notice your restaurant or event patio umbrellas at all? Don’t let this prime real estate go to waste! Spruce them up with vinyl graphics. When you brand your awnings and umbrellas, you remind passersby of what you do and how much they need your services. 

You can add vinyl graphics to most umbrellas and awnings. From vinyl lettering to decals and logos, your awnings and umbrellas can draw people in and make your brand one that’s not just visible but also sought after. They can serve as a landmark for people to easily recognize their destination or a stop along the way. Instead of looking for your name on the door, you can become “the building with the green awnings” or “the restaurant with the red umbrellas.”

In these Covid times, awnings and umbrellas can make outdoor dining more comfortable. Add a few patio heaters and you’ll be the best stop this winter for a quick bite or a meal to linger over.

Brand Your Outdoor Umbrellas

Bar, restaurant and cafe umbrellas can help set the stage for a memorable meal. They create ambiance, provide a more comfortable environment in both rain and sun, and extend your capacity for paying customers. 

They also extend your brand, helping people recognize that it’s YOUR space filled with customers eating delicious food. And any photo shared with friends or on any social media channel — whether from the street or within the dining area — will have your brand visible front and center. 

Brand Your Awnings

Just as you can brand your umbrellas, you can brand your awnings to give your customers a hint what their experience will be once they come through your doors. From clean and simple vinyl with your name and logo to cheeky with a tagline, your customer’s first experience can begin while they’re still a block away. 

Awnings serve as more than a place-marker. They’re also a gathering place, especially in Oregon’s rainy season. People pause under their cover, giving you the opportunity to draw them through your door with a great window display. Couple vinyl lettering on your awnings with vinyl graphics on your windows and doors, and you’ll attract even more customers.

This simple branding investment to enhance what you already have has the potential to pay for itself in spades. The more potential customers see and understand your brand, the greater chance they’ll come through the door and become a well-satisfied customer.

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Micah Dear