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An Adventure-Packed Trailer Wrap Makes Big Lake Youth Camp Shine

It’s Working Wednesday again here at Cascade Wraps, and this month we’re sharing a trailer wrap we designed and installed for Big Lake Youth Camp.

Big Lake Youth Camp trailer's clean slate

About Big Lake Youth Camp

The mission of Big Lake Youth Camp in Sisters, Oregon is to change the world. Well, more specifically, they exist to build people who will change the world. And they do it with ingenuity and gumption at every turn. Located smack in the middle of the Willamette National Forest, they pack every single day with adventure and excitement for their campers. Of course, along the way they tuck in some reflection and deeper thinking. The combination of these things has allowed Big Lake to create a reputation of life-changing experiences for kids ages 7-17.

How We Fulfilled Their Dreams

They hired us to create an eye-catching wrap for their trailer. They wanted to let people not just see what it’s like for campers who attend, but feel it as well.

We rose to the challenge and wrapped this solid black trailer in epic adventures and mountains of inspiration. Now, every time they travel across the Pacific Northwest, they’re creating brand awareness, and enticing kids to sign up for a life-changing experience that will, as they grow and mature, make the world a better place.

This is exactly the kind of work that gets us excited. And the pictures make us want to go!

Micah Dear