Cascade Wraps Wild Mikes Pizza semi cab with bright green stripe down the side

A Quirky Brand that Carries Its Pizza Message to the Nation

It’s time for another Working Wednesday here at Cascade Wraps. This month we’re going all out for Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza.


About Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza

Based here in Clackamas, Oregon, this family-owned pizza company uses only natural ingredients and a signature zesty sauce. You can grab a personal size or super-size (or sell them!) in your local grocery store, but they also serve K12 schools across the nation. They aptly call their fans “Pizza Rebels,” and they even have an online shop with clothing, stickers, and pizza rebel gear.


How We Used Design to Meet Their Needs

We have a lot of fun with this client and their bold yet quirky graphics. We’ve wrapped their semi truck trailers for quite some time, but this project involved tying together the cab to match all their fleet vehicles. Our challenge was that while they wanted the branding to flow from the cab to the trailer, they didn’t want to wrap the entire cab.

We rose to the challenge. After designing, we installed these graphics in 3M 2080 wrap film on the lower portion of the cab. This green, which matches their trailer graphics, was eye-catching and tied the cab and the trailer together seamlessly.


The Challenges We Overcame

The installation wasn’t quite as simple as it is to cook their pizza. But just like their pie feeds the whole family, this wrap serves the nation as it delivers from coast to coast. We’re glad to have Micah and his decade’s worth of experience on the team. He delivered a perfect solution: disassembling the lower portion of the cap, wrapping, and reassembling.

The depth of the area to be wrapped required us to do numerous inlays with various seams.



We also encountered challenges with the very large front fenders. (We call these “big hips” in the industry.) This took a lot of heat and careful technique to allow for stretching over the curves without tearing the vinyl.


Wild Mikes Pizza cab has a bright green stripe down the hood



To finish strong, we added logos to the hood sides and cab sides, and a vibrant green stripe down the center of the hood.

Overall, this was a fantastic project for us. We love helping Wild Mike carry the pizza rebel message with bold style.

Micah Dear