5 Ways to Get Your Fishing Charter Business Noticed

5 Ways to Get Your Fishing Charter Business Noticed

You probably got into your fishing charter business because you love the sport and sharing what you know with others. But when it comes to all the other moving parts, you may feel a bit like a fish out of water. With thoughtful planning and a consistent implementation, you’ll find your sea legs pretty quickly. 

Let’s dive into the essentials of getting your fishing charter business noticed. 

1. Strategize your brand

Know your audience. Your people love fishing and have discretionary income. Some crave the thrill of the hunt while others want a fish tale or two to tell. They’re trusting you to know the best spots, navigate well, keep them safe, and help them net some fish. Most are looking for a half or fill day’s adventure, while others may want their fishing trip to last a few days. 

Take the time to specify your business goal. You may want enough money to keep a roof over your head. Maybe you want to purchase a yacht so you can sail around the world in retirement. Perhaps it’s all about the connections for you. The outline a clear plan for what makes sense for your desired outcome, your gear, and your family. 

2. Make your brand visible

A website where people can browse your offerings and register for a trip will boost your customer conversation rate. Think about the reasons people would rather book with you than go out on their own. Whatever sets you apart and meets the needs your audience has, make sure it’s clear on your website. Sell the experience you’re offering and show people fully enjoying that experience.

3. Wrap your vehicle and your boat

A vehicle wrap can let people around town learn about your brand. Make your design splashy, and one that viewers won’t soon forget. Your call to action should be simple and clear. If you’re not sure how to do this well, our designers can help ensure your vehicle will look easy but work hard, converting the right viewers into customers.

Don’t forget to put a vinyl wrap on your boat. As your customers approach it on fishing day, it will yet again affirm that they’ve made a superb choice in hiring you to be their fishing guide. Everywhere you go, it will advertise your business. And even better, that wrap will help protect your boat from any potential damage. 

charter fishing business boat wrap

4. Treat your fishing charter business clients like royalty

Once your client has booked their trip, don’t waste a moment treating them like a VIP. As any angler knows, just because they’re on the hook doesn’t mean you stop working. Make every interaction feel like a concierge service. Answer their questions before they even think to ask. 

And on fishing day, go above and beyond, making them feel like royalty. Make your safety guidelines enjoyable to listen to. Outline expectations of the day to build anticipation. Consider ways to provide refreshment during the trip. Do you have any extra “creature comforts” to provide? These special touches create a seamless service that will make the stories they tell even more compelling. Repeat customers and word-of-mouth customers are the absolute best way to build a sustainable fishing charter business.

5. Keep sharing your story

Promote your business at every opportunity. When you’re out and about, let your wrapped vehicle be the conversation starter. Share stories about your trips with friends and families. Let your passion for your client’s success shine through at each telling. 

Attend industry events where you can mingle and make connections. Hand out business cards. 

Consider another local business with whom you can partner. Is there a place where your customers can take their fish for a hearty meal? How about a lure shop who could specialty lures to your customers?

Think about getting a bit out of your comfort zone by teaching a class or two. Is there a local shop that hosts events? If not, consider taking this on yourself and share the teaching schedule with other experts.

Micah Dear