To get more views on your signage it must be large enough

5 Tips to Window Graphics that Convert

Empty windows are a lost opportunity. Leaving them bare is like paying for an empty billboard month after month. Statistics prove again and again that signage is one of the major proponents for getting people to first notice your business and then to get them through your door. 


1. Brand Your Graphics

What better way to fill your empty windows than with branded content! Is your company name visible? How about your logo? Think about what your brand stands for and what it does for people and consider adding imagery to your windows to reflect these outcomes. 

Use your window graphics as a “sneak peek” of what customers will experience when they come through your doors.


2. Make Your Window Graphics Engaging

You can also use your window graphics to engage your customers in a mental or emotional dialogue. Through words or imagery, you can ask your customers questions about what they need or want. What kind of life do they want to live and how can you meet that need or desire in a way that pertains to what you offer? For instance, if you’re a chiropractor, you’ll want to show images of a healthy, active lifestyle for all ages. If you’re a paint company, you’ll want to show images of dream homes and dream projects in the perfect shade. 

When choosing imagery or messaging, make it eye-catching, engaging, and enjoyable to look at. This ensures that your images are memorable — the chief reason people will visit your business or tell others about it.


Physical Signage is cost effective marketing


3. Use Window Graphics to Highlight Promotions and Holidays 

You can use your window space to highlight a specific product or service. You can announce a seasonal special or community event you’re helping sponsor. Maybe you want to host a BOGO (buy one, get one) sale once a quarter. 


4. Add Privacy and Shade or Sunlight

With today’s technology, you get to choose whether people will see through your signage, or whether it will serve as a privacy barrier instead. This choice between transparent and opaque opens all sorts of options as to how you use the space along your windows. If you’re in a dentist office or a spa, you can make your customers much more comfortable with opaque window coverings. With these types of choices, you can even add a private massage room right along your windows that’s well lit but also very private. 

You can choose whether you want your window graphics to let the sun shine in brightly or block sunlight and keep your space cool. This can not only make the work environment much more pleasant, it can also help you save on your energy bill.


5. Enjoy Flexibility and Adaptability

Window graphics can be semi-permanent, temporary, or even reusable — don’t limit the possibility of what you can use them for. If you have a yearly special, you can get one set of graphics and use them year after year to help you promote that special. For example, if you take part in a food drive every Thanksgiving, invite the community to join you each year using the same graphics. You might have a company sale every spring. Traditions like this run deep and using the same graphics can often add meaning, value, and anticipation to your event. 

You can also take advantage of reusable window graphics and block light in the summer, but let it come streaming in in the darker winter months. 


Keep these 5 tips in mind and you’ll see an increase in foot traffic through your doors. Engaging window graphics lead to more visibility, more customers, and more sales.

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Micah Dear