Here are a few ways in which a vehicle wrap will give your business a fresh start

5 Steps to a Successful Car Wrap Design

You’ve decided it’s time to step up your marketing, and you’ve heard that the most effective return on investment is a car wrap design.

Research shows you’ll get more views for less cost per view than from a print ad, radio ad, or television ad. You may be a brand new business or you may have 30 years experience doing what you do. But with a car wrap, you don’t know where to start and you really don’t know what a successful car wrap should look like when it’s done. You’re wondering what the process is like and how to get it started. And how much it will cost.


1. Call us.

Pick up the phone and call us. (You can message us, too, if that’s easier.) This first step is simple but can often be the hardest. Uncertainty can cause people to postpone, procrastinate, or never get things rolling. You don’t have to know the end from the beginning to get a successful car wrap design. You don’t have to know about the psychology of color. And you don’t have to know a thing except that you want a car wrap (or truck or boat wrap) and you want it to work. We don’t expect you to know whether you want a full wrap or a partial wrap. We’ll walk you through the process so you can make the best decision for your business.


2. Send us a photo of your car.

The very first thing we’ll need is a picture of your vehicle. You can email it to us or drive your car to the shop so we can look it over and take some photographs. We’ll talk over your brand and what you want the most from a car wrap. (Some business owners just want brand awareness and a phone number, others want to focus on one particular product or service. Some people just want their car to look great and the wrap design has nothing to do with any business.)


3. Review your design.

We’ll use the vehicle images to superimpose graphics on your car so you’ll be able to see what it will look like when it’s done. This is an exciting step and makes the final outcome concrete in everyone’s mind. Sometimes we nail your design the first time around. Sometimes it takes some back and forth to get things just right. We can alter design, move things around, change colors, and swap out graphics as needed. We can even add reflective vinyl, matte finish, or color-changing vinyl to your design.


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4. Schedule your install.

Once you’ve approved your final design, you’ll schedule an install date. Before that date, we’ll print off all your vinyl on our high resolution printers, cut out any lettering, and have all the pieces ready to go for when you drop your vehicle off at the shop. We only use the highest quality vinyl available on the market to ensure the longest life possible for your vehicle wrap.


5. Drop off your vehicle for vinyl application.

On your install day, you’ll drop off your vehicle and we’ll get started on your project right away. We’ll clean up the entire surface of the vehicle so we get a smooth, consistent vinyl application. Our installers will begin wrapping your vehicle from top to bottom. Most installation jobs only take a day or two. (Compare this to the days or even weeks it takes for a custom paint job!)

When you pick up your vehicle, be prepared for a complete transformation.

Many of our clients tell us they see the results before they even arrive at their home or business. A successful car wrap will capture people’s attention, stick in their minds, and make them call you when they need what you offer. They’ll see your vehicle all over the Portland metro area and think you have an entire fleet roaming the city. You may even find you have a new appreciation for traffic jams. And with thousands and thousands of people reached every single week, your vehicle wrap will pay for itself in no time.

Micah Dear