4 Ways A-Frame Signs Can Transform Your Business

4 Ways A-Frame Signs Can Transform Your Business

What are A-Frame Signs Used for?

A-frame signs are an inexpensive, flexible option for advertising your brand and promoting your business. And with sunnier days and warmer weather, we’re seeing more foot traffic in Portland than ever. The cost and beautiful weather create the perfect mix for effective street signage. Below are 4 ways you can put your a-frame sign to good use.

1. Sidewalk Signage

Out on the street, a-frame signs direct people to your shop or event. Place them on street corners or other areas with a lot of foot traffic. The right design will get lots of views. Even better, you easily transport a-frame signs — they’re light and flexible! Which all means you get more sales.

A-frame signs can be designed to swap out messaging, making your portable signage even more adaptable. 

2. Directional Signage

An a-frame sign can help you direct traffic in a crowded area and reduce bottle-necks. Easy traffic flow means happier customers. A-frame signage with directional message gives your customers confidence that they’re headed right where they need to be. 

3. Point-of-Purchase

While people are waiting in line to purchase their item, an a-frame sign can drive extra sales. Whether you’re promoting an event, an in-store special, a new menu item, or a BOGO sale, an a-frame sign can entice your customers to spend a bit and get a whole lot more satisfaction.

4. Special Events

A-frames are an inexpensive way to get your brand seen at special events. Whether it’s a convention, festival, or farmer’s market, you’re introducing people to your brand and what you can provide. 

You need an a-frame sign if you’ve been on the fence about how to promote that upcoming sale, event, or new product! Contact us so we can start your design.



What is an a-frame sign?

It’s a sandwich board sign, an easy, affordable way to advertise your business to foot and street traffic. Made from plastic, wood, or metal, they can have a full color print and interchangeable designs. They can used inside and outside to attract customers, direct people, or announce a sale or special event.

Do a-frame signs work?

Hosting an event or celebrating live music? An a-frame sign can put your event on the map and on people’s calendars. It’s also a great way to grab people off the street for an impromptu hour or two of enjoyment. Here are 5 more reasons to add one to your marketing efforts.

What size are a-frame signs?

A-frame signs can come in any size but most are typically 36” x 24”, 30” x 24”, and 24” x 24”

What can you print on an a-frame sign?

We offer full-color, full resolution print technology, so we can print anything you dream up on your a-frame sign.

How long does it take to make an a-frame sign?

We can print and build your a-frame signs in only a day or two, making them a great option any business owner or event planner.

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