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4 Tips to Make Your Food Truck Design Attract More Customers

Customers love good food. But even more, they love coming back to a brand they love. This means your food must be spot on (of course), but their entire food truck experience must be spot on from start to finish. From catching their first glimpse of your food truck, to perusing the menu, ordering food, and receiving it through the window at or at their table, and eating. All parts must be consistent with your brand story. Your food truck design set the stage and develop the expectations. First impressions matter! Below are a few of our recommendations to ensure even greater success with your food truck graphics.

Don’t do it yourself.

Call in the professionals. It’s not worth the “cost-savings’ to let your food truck design be a DIY job. Your food will keep them coming back, but your graphics will get them to the menu.


Match your food truck design to your brand.

Is your food dull and uninviting? Of course not! Your entire food truck experience should match your customer’s experience of your food — rich, flavorful, and full of color! Is your emphasis on boldness? Go big and bright. Are you proud of your locally sourced fresh food? Go green. Take a moment to think about the way your food makes you feel, and let your food truck design invite people into that story.

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Design based on whether your food truck is stationary or mobile.

Where you are and where you go can influence your food truck design. A stationary food truck might allow for a smaller order window, especially if you’re walking your food to your customers rather than passing through the order window. Your exterior food truck and signage might be a bit more flashy or detailed if you don’t have to drive it all over town. And if stationary, your outdoor lighting might make your design more flexible as more of your truck can be seen on a very early morning or a dark evening.


Don’t play it safe.

Don’t use conservative food truck graphics with conservative colors. Eating is emotional, so make the visuals of your food truck play with your customer’s emotions. Should it remind them of the warmth and smells of their favorite grandma’s kitchen? A night on the town in the heart of Mexico? Just as your menu should use taste-bud grabbing descriptions, let your truck use eye-catching creative design to set your customer up for a great experience.

Micah Dear